Why Integrate Perfecto and Appium?

Perfecto offers instant access to 10,000+ real Android and iOS devices. Appium is the leading open source cross-platform test automation framework for Android and iOS. This includes mobile native, web, and hybrid app test automation. Explore Appium basics >>

Perfecto seamlessly integrates with Appium for iOS and Android. Test automation engineers and developers can create and execute standard Appium scripts in various languages (Java, C#, etc.). And they can execute these scripts against real devices in the cloud (Perfecto) — even across various global locations. It’s simple, reliable, and scalable.

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Key Perfecto Appium Capabilities

Scale Your Testing on Multiple Platforms

Appium supports both iOS and Android device testing. Perfecto hosts smartphones and tablets in 11 data centers globally. With Appium and Perfecto, you can automate and run the tests in parallel on real devices in a cloud-based environment. You’ll get greater test automation coverage against real live networks.

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Ensure Security For the Enterprise

Perfecto ensures security for the enterprise, including:

  • Strict security certifications (SOC 2, PCI, ISO27001, GDPR).
  • Varying network configurations (VPN connections and others).
  • Audit trail for evidence.
  • Test data backup and retention.
  • SLA and 99.9% lab availability.
  • Same-day mobile device/OS support.
  • And more. 

You can also test mobile apps that require backend services or other internal network access through Perfecto Connect. And you can remotely access a cloud device for debugging through a remote device access ability (through virtual USB access).

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Support Advanced Automation Scenarios

Perfecto supports advanced automation scenarios with Appium for iOS and Android. This includes:

  • Biometrics.
  • Image injection.
  • Location simulation.
  • Optical character recognition (OCR).
  • Audio injection.
  • Advanced authentication (2FA, OTP).
  • Network virtualization.

Using Perfecto and Appium capabilities will increase your test automation coverage and accelerate overall release velocity.

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Find and Fix Bugs Faster Through Advanced Reporting Abilities

Perfecto provides an advanced and unique set of reporting capabilities to reduce noise from your overall test automation cycles. You can also identify the root cause (RCA) of failures and fix issues faster. 

Perfecto Smart Reporting helps you: 

  • Automate classification of test failures by root cause (automated RCA), so you can make better decisions.
  • Get a wide range of rich test result reports, including real device vitals (memory, CPU, logs), HAR files (network files), cross platform visual comparison, videos, screenshots, and accessibility insights.
  • See the success and failure of your pipeline’s health, jobs, and branches in real time on a CI dashboard, so you can optimize them.
  • Monitor all cloud executions across projects and platforms on a live execution dashboard.
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Integrate Solutions That Fit Your Processes and Tool Stack

Perfecto integrates seamlessly with your CI/CD and collaboration tools. Perfecto is a fully open platform. Whatever tools you are using in-house will be fully supported. 

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How to Get Started

Integrating your existing Appium test code with Perfecto is easy.

You can configure your TestNG/Maven projects from within your IDEs (IntelliJ, Eclipse, etc.). Simply provide your private cloud URL and security token. And then define the desired capabilities for the platforms you want to test against.

Perfecto is also fully integrated with Appium Desktop. This allows you to work on real devices in the Perfecto cloud from the Appium Desktop solution. This means you can inspect objects and create test automation that works. 

To get started with Perfecto and Appium for iOS and Android, see a sample project repository.


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