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February 17, 2021

We Are the Leader in App Testing

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For the second year in a row, Perfecto was named the Leading Vendor by the North American Software Testing & QE Awards

The Leading Vendor award is the latest in a string of awards and industry recognition for Perfecto. Perfecto was also recently recognized as a… 

The Cloud Has Never Been More Critical

In a year where organizations had to go entirely digital and provide exceptional user experiences on web and mobile apps, Perfecto’s testing cloud was ready to help customers mature their testing without missing a beat.

The Leading Vendor award reaffirms not only the immense value Perfecto provides for customers — but also the commitment to customers’ success. 

After all, customer success is of the utmost importance. And we know that success hinges on selecting the right vendor to partner with. 

Finding the Right Vendor for You

There are many different types of solutions to select from — everything from automation creation tools to device labs and end-to-end cloud platforms.

Aligning your vendor selection criteria with the test automation goals you’d like to achieve will help you find the best fit. 

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Keep reading to learn the top selection criteria for vendors, as outlined by industry leaders. And see what your peers using Perfecto have to say. 

The Criteria Industry Leaders Care About 

The Leading Vendor award was selected by industry leaders serving on a panel of judges. All judges have extensive experience in the software testing field, and each judge currently holds a senior management role.

With extensive experience ranging from QA management to test engineering, the panel uses their professional experience and expertise of the testing field to assess each vendor. 

Often times, awards are given to exciting new tools and technologies. But that overlooks the value the tool provides users.

The most important takeaway is that the tool provides value and enables teams to achieve their goals. In order to do that, it typically takes a balance of good technology combined with excellent support. 

Leading Vendor Criteria

The North American Software Testing & QE Awards understands that. Therefore, the Leading Vendor award is given to the vendor who receives top marks for both their product and customer service. It’s an award that recognizes not only top-tier technology, but also testing expertise and unmatched customer support. 

The Leading Vendor award was judged on the following criteria:

  • High quality and standards for customers.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Value for the money.
  • Furthering the software testing industry.
  • Reliability, flexibility, and speed of installation.

Thanks to the ROI the Perfecto testing cloud provides, and our end-to-end testing support, Perfecto’s customers achieve some of the highest levels of test automation in the industry. Here’s a closer look at how we enable our customers’ success with incredible technology and even better customer support. 

A Closer Look At Our Top-Tier Technology 

Perfecto is proud of its robust technology and cloud-based lab, which is best-in-class.  But we also actively practice a commitment to excellence. 

And while industry recognition is important, the best feedback and recognition we can get is from our users. Below you’ll find real reviews from real, verified users on Perfecto’s G2 page. 

Perfecto’s product team listens to the market and our customers and is receptive to their requests. With frequent releases, robust integrations, and support for up and coming test automation frameworks, such as Cypress and Flutter, Perfecto’s cloud testing platform is the foundation of a successful testing practice. 

“Perfecto makes testing on different browsers and devices easier and more cost effective.”

— Perfecto user Kishore D

This year more than ever, a secure cloud-based testing platform has been critical to the success of teams all over the world. With COVID-19 closing offices, Perfecto’s customers were well positioned to transition to work from home models. And they didn’t miss a beat accessing the Perfecto testing cloud while working remote

“In my opinion, it is the best solution for using devices on a cloud.”

— Perfecto user Krasimir C

We’re proud to offer our customers same-day access to new devices, OSes, and platforms. This first-in-market support means that you’ll always know your apps are ready for the next big release, with no lag time. 

“The best part is being on the top of the updates/changes happening in the technical world. Straight from releasing the early Beta version to the customer release, the support staff and the experts are there to help you out.”

— Perfecto user Gaurav P. 

 Additionally, Perfecto’s ML-powered test failure analysis and reporting can add true value to your development lifecycle by providing the right feedback at the right time with high-level heatmaps, detailed reports, and rich artifacts. 

“The Perfecto cloud has an excellent capability to cover mobile native features remotely in interactive and automation methods. The heatmap and report library is a useful feature where each test step is available with logs and snapshots.”

— Perfecto user   

Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction 

We partner with you from the start. Perfecto recognizes that customer onboarding, implementation, and training of best practices is equally important for customers to succeed in continuous testing. 

We know that test automation will not be successful without the right partner and the right technology. That’s why it’s important to us to establish testing best practices and help customers overcome testing roadblocks that slow down their DevOps process. 

“The support team is awesome with very little turnaround time for queries and issue resolution.”

— Perfecto user Ullas M. 

 Perfecto’s Black Belt Program offers personalized assistance throughout your testing journey. Leverage an Automated Quality Solutions Architect — or “Black Belt” — to overcome obstacles and accelerate your test automation. 

“Black Belt engagement was phenomenal.”

— Perfecto user Velurajprabhu B. 

And as you mature your test automation, Perfecto is there to help you scale your processes and continue improving with regular check-ins and trainings. 

“The guys from Perfecto care about their clients — organizing monthly meetings for sharing updates, issues, possible improvements, and so on.”

— Perfecto user Krasimir C.   

It’s More Than Just a Tool 

Perfecto’s pairing of world-class technology with unparalleled support is what makes our customers so successful. On average, our customers… 

  • Execute more than 1.2 million tests per month.
  • At 85% automation coverage.
  • With an average app store rating of 4.6.

No matter where you’re at with your testing, we’ll meet you where you are and get you to where you want to be.   

If you want to see how customers use the Perfecto platform, reach out for a 1:1 custom demo. Or try Perfecto for free. 

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