What is Perfecto Codeless?

Perfecto Codeless is AI-driven test automation creation that is based on Selenium.

You can use it to either complement Selenium or to replace Selenium for test creation. Either way, it enables all team members to quickly create stable test automation without needing to code.

With Perfecto Codeless, test scripts require near zero maintenance due to self-healing AI. Thanks to codeless testing, teams can dramatically reduce the cost of test automation creation, test execution, and maintenance.


Easy and Simple Test Creation


Test Automation That's 6X Faster


Smart and AI Powered


Reliable and Robust Automation


Maintenance-Free, Unattended Testing


Integration Into Existing Test Suites/CI

The Perfecto Codeless Overview

Codeless Selenium Script Creation

Teams can visually create automated tests using a record and playback interface. Perfecto Codeless generates Selenium test scripts without you ever needing to code. That means ALL team members can create test scripts.

AI-Driven Script Maintenance

Your test scripts will be maintenance-free. That’s because AI algorithms self-heal website element locators. This allows continuous test execution of the scripts, regardless of the element characteristics.

script maintenance

Scalable Execution

Enjoy scalable execution in the cloud. Because it’s 100% cloud-based, execution does not require building and maintaining an in-house Selenium grid. Perfecto Codeless offers full support for parallel execution on multiple browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, and Safari.


Test Management

Managing your tests is seamless, thanks to built-in test management capabilities. Filtering functions improve your data analysis, and test suites can be cloned and reused. Steps and sub-projects can be added at any point to the test project as your product evolves.

test management

CI/CD Integrations

Perfecto Codeless fully integrates into your CI/CD toolchain. It works seamlessly with tools such as Jenkins, TeamCity, and others. Plus, it comes with a built-in test execution scheduler to keep your test automation fully accelerated.

ci cd integrations

Advanced Debugging & Editing

Perfecto Codeless users benefit from advanced debugging and editing capabilities via user-friendly Canvas. These built-in functions allow you to quickly identify and resolve any defects that may appear in your automated tests.


Smart Validations

Perfecto Codeless allows you to add checkpoints and validations for objects, text elements, and visuals. This gives you more robustness and higher test coverage for your scripts. These validations can be run across browsers and allow maximum visibility into cross-browser quality.

Codeless Screen shot

The Easiest Test You've Ever Created

With no installation, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Test creation with Perfecto Codeless is quick and easy. Reusable script and element components within the test projects reduce the overall test creation time. Plus, Perfecto Codeless leverages machine learning to self-correct object maintenance issues within code, saving time and cost.

It’s easy, it’s quick, and it enables all core pillars of test creation, including:

  • Data-driven testing (DDT)
  • Text inputs
  • Loops
  • Text and visual assertions
  • Use of variables
  • And more

Perfecto Codeless Benefits



AI and machine learning automatically self-correct code.



Seamlessly connected to Perfecto’s smart automation platform.



Run simultaneous tests on any platform and environment.



Codeless test automation in the cloud.



Quick setup and more frequent releases.



Beautiful UI — no coding skills required.

Codeless Testing in the Cloud

Unlike many other solutions, Perfecto Codeless delivers test automation 100% in the cloud. This allows your team to meet its speed, scalability, and collaboration needs throughout the software delivery lifecycle (SDLC).

With Perfecto Codeless, you’ll beat the competition with same day support for all new browser versions — including beta versions. Enterprise-grade security with backend VPN support and advanced desktop VM customizations ensure you’ll meet your compliance needs. Plus, with highly reliable and fast executions, you’ll never compromise speed.

Image Codeless Testing in the Cloud

An All-in-One Solution

As part of Perfecto’s smart testing platform, the testing process is connected for you — from test automation creation to execution to analysis — eliminating the need for multiple solutions.

In addition to codeless test creation and streamlined execution, you’ll also receive fast feedback through full test reporting and analysis. With your test analysis, you’ll receive rich media test results, including screenshots, videos, and network HAR files.

Perfecto’s CI-dashboards provide visibility into the DevOps pipeline. Heatmaps provide quick drill downs into defects, and root cause analysis classification breaks them into categories for quick defect resolution.

CI Dashboard 1

Who is Perfecto Codeless For?

Regardless of your team’s skillset Perfecto Codeless has you covered, taking test script writing for your web applications off your plate.


For QA teams, it takes the complexity out of writing test scripts, so they can create and execute fully-automated test scenarios without coding.


For developers, it makes test creation and execution substantially faster even for the most complicated test scripts that require different types of automation, allowing developers to save time and focus on product development and innovation.

The Complete Guide to Codeless Test Automation

Automated testing is necessary for DevOps efficiency. Unfortunately, it can still be unreliable. Move faster with automated testing you can trust, thanks to codeless test automation.

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