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Learn more about specific advanced use cases, why they present the toughest testing challenges, and how to meet them head-on.

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Biometric Authentication

Biometric authentication is becoming increasingly essential to providing a high-quality mobile application user experience.

By allowing customers to sign into their apps or authenticate their transactions by validating their biometric data, leading banks and other enterprises are providing mobile experiences that are both convenient and secure.

Image Injection

Mobile application capabilities that require camera use are also continuing to increase, from barcode readers to bank check scanners. Image injection helps add cases that test these functions into your automated testing suite.   

Image injection takes an image (in either .jpeg, .jpg, .png, or .bmp format) that is stored in the Perfecto repository and presents it to the application as if it was read by the device camera. This allows you to test different ways that application engages with the camera, such as different types of focus and image placement.

Network Virtualization

All mobile application developers and testers experience the same challenge: ensuring the application will respond gracefully and as expected no matter where their mobile applications are being used and under which conditions. Such conditions include airplane mode, no network connectivity, poor network connection and 2G, 3G or 4G network speeds.

If a user is using a banking application and goes into an elevator or a subway, does your application handle that scenario gracefully?

Voice Recognition

How to Test Voice Recognition in 4 Steps With Perfecto

Many industries have recently started incorporating some form of voice assistant or voice recognition system as part of their mobile apps. Banking is one major industry that has made strides in this area, adopting virtual assistants to help customers save time on basic banking tasks.

Retailers and grocery chains are hopping on the voice recognition bandwagon as well, incorporating major platforms such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Voice as another way to interact with customers.

Geolocation Testing

Geolocation testing is the testing of a web or mobile application from IPs of various geographical locations. Some of the use cases include checking notifications, performance, currencies, time zones, and more. 

An app may load successfully from one location, but not as expected when the user moves to another location. In addition, an app will present a contextual pop-up message based on the user’s location. As a result, it is critical to run through all the possible test scenarios for every user with geolocation testing.        

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a commonplace way to strengthen app security by requiring two means to authenticate your identity. We see 2FA in our emails, SMS text messages, banking apps, and many other platforms.  

If 2FA is a vital feature that is well on its way to becoming a necessity, then testing 2FA must be a priority. Automating your 2FA testing is an important step toward improving and securing your online and mobile apps.   

Quality Visibility


DevOps enforces fast releases of new value to customers that need to be validated quickly. Validating software quality quickly and continuously can only be done via smart test automation. 

Depending on the type of app, there will be different quality constraints and considerations. These can be tools, coverage needs, market events, and more. You cannot assess and measure what you cannot see, which is why quality visibility is vital to teams. Defining proper KPIs around development productivity and quality and constantly reviewing them makes the difference between standing still and continuously growing the organization’s maturity. 

Mobile UX Measurements

Mobile applications are integral in today’s world, and the mobile app market is projected to generate more than 613 billion U.S. dollars in revenues in 2025. Users have high expectations for mobile apps—they expect them to function perfectly, without delay or interruption.  

Users have higher expectations for mobile apps than ever, therefore you must invest in designing positive experiences on mobile devices and test for such

Test Coverage

4 Digital Trends Impacting Your 2022 Test Coverage

It is important to continuously update your test coverage as devices progress and proliferate. Make strategic decisions about test coverage based on your users, their location, device trends, and your comfort with risk. 

Using a mix of real devices, emulators, and simulators in a test lab can help you ensure that you have your bases covered. 

Accessibility Testing

With Perfecto, you can automate a large portion of accessibility tests for mobile and reduce the overall time it takes to run them. In addition, Perfecto will generate an accessibility test report that can help your developers find and fix accessibility issues in advance. Perfecto offers accessibility testing with iOS VoiceOver and Android Talkback.

You need to ensure that your apps work with screen readers, speech recognition software, screen magnification, and more. Perfecto can help you eliminate manual non functional testing and accelerate automated accessibility testing. Test your iPhone or Android application without the need for a physical device in hand. With Perfecto, you can test directly in the cloud and gain the advantage.

Perfecto Offers Advanced Automation Solutions For Every Type of Use Cases

Major enterprises rely on Perfecto for automated testing of all types of advanced use cases — an offering not found with any other testing platform. We love helping development and testing teams reach fully scaled and optimized DevOps without compromising quality. With Perfecto, your testing strategy will rise above any challenge it faces.

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