Mobile UX Testing With Perfecto & BlazeMeter

Perfecto and BlazeMeter are proud to be the first in the industry to offer UX load testing that simulates real-world conditions for your mobile devices. 

Using BlazeMeter in tandem with Perfecto, you can test both your mobile user experience and your backend under load in the cloud and scale up to two million virtual users. The solution simulates realistic mobile traffic patterns. 

You can generate detailed server and end-user experience reports. This helps teams measure and understand how a mobile app is impacted under a load. 

Perfecto & BlazeMeter answer the following questions: 

  • Does a load slow down the server? 
  • What’s causing the slowness? 
  • Is this slowness visible to users? 
  • Which users are being impacted? And under what conditions? 

Load Happens

The Impact of UX Testing

Daily, your mobile apps may be performing as expected. But, are you prepared for sudden, extreme increases in app usage by your customers? Black Friday, Superbowl Sunday, holidays, weather emergencies, or financial meltdowns can create above-average load for your apps. 

Without ux testing you risk:

App crashes and downtime


Latency and slow performance

Rise of support tickets

Poor mobile app ratings


Risk of your customers moving to your competitors

Mobile User Experience Testing

Understand how your app will perform in real-world conditions while your backend handles millions of users around the globe.

Get UX Testing Right

Load testing from BlazeMeter enhances Perfecto’s mobile testing capabilities by giving teams a clear view of the entire mobile experience.