Companies everywhere are itching to make the shift from manual to automated testing. In fact, 72% of companies today complain that manual testing is the most time-consuming activity within their testing cycles.  

But there are so many factors that are holding companies back from embracing automation, from challenges with getting started to fears of future test maintenance issues. Most teams stop considering automation before they can even start.  

That is where scriptless automation comes in.

See how scriptless automation is completely changing the face of test automation. While offering the same powerful capabilities as more traditional frameworks, scriptless testing also makes automation accessible to teams of any skill level with a user-friendly, visual testing environment.

Decide whether scriptless automation is the right fit for your team! Our very own Perfecto Engineer Mina Sprengeler gives a complete overview of scriptless automation and shows how it helps accelerate test creation, execution, and maintenance. 

In this webinar, Mina answers questions such as: 

  • How to create automated tests simply and quickly, with plenty of room to scale.
  • How self-healing tests make your team 4x more productive.
  • Ways to debug faster with AI-powered analytics.
  • And more!

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Mina Sprengeler

Mina Sprengeler

Sales Engineer at Perfecto by Perforce Software, Perfecto

Mina Sprengeler is a Sales Engineer at Perfecto. With a background in consulting and front-end web development, Mina is passionate about problem-solving and strategizing ways to address any enterprise challenge. She brings that same passion to Perfecto by helping companies improve their DevOps pipeline through faster and more scalable testing.