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April 10, 2023

Perfecto Mobile Testing: Your Ideal Partner for Mobile App Excellence

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These days, mobile apps dominate the digital experience. According to research, there are nearly two million apps available to download in the Apple App Store and nearly three million in the Google Play Store. Add to that the fact that 49% of users open an app at least 11 times during the day, and you are looking at a lot of potential eyes constantly assessing the quality of your app. 

Rising popularity in mobile apps means that mobile testing should be high on your list of priorities during the development process. With Perfecto mobile testing, more than any other mobile testing tool, organizations can benefit from a secure, scalable and sophisticated testing platform to ensure your app is of the highest quality. This blog will cover why Perfecto mobile testing stands head and shoulders above the competition, and how you can get started as quickly as today. 

Why Choose Perfecto for Mobile Testing

Perfecto mobile testing enables high-quality apps through the world’s largest testing cloud made up of more than 10,000 devices, enterprise-grade security, and advanced automation capabilities. 

While many testing platforms put the onus on the user to maintain the devices they need for testing, Perfecto mobile testing means zero maintenance for users. That way they can focus on what is important: testing! Another aspect of mobile testing that can often leave teams feeling frustrated is the need for a patchwork testing strategy if one platform does not do everything required of it. 

That simply is not the case with Perfecto — teams can rely on a seamlessly scalable experience that offers test coverage for every possible combination of devices and software versions. 

Key Indicators of Perfecto Mobile Testing Excellence

So, what makes a testing platform a good testing platform? There are a few key aspects to look for in a testing platform that will enable you to develop the best possible app you can. Depending on your priorities or test strategy maturity, some of these will be more important to you than others. Luckily, Perfecto mobile testing has them all. 

Simulate Real-World Conditions Like No Other

If you are putting a mobile app out into the world, you need to prepare it for what it may experience out there. Perhaps your app will experience periodic amounts of high traffic. Or maybe your app will have a geolocation feature that needs to work properly. 

No other platform lets you test your app the way your users will experience it like Perfecto. You can automate tests against the most advanced use cases such as multi-factor authentication, voice control, location, image injection, network virtualization, and so much more. Testers can apply real user simulation to simulate real-world conditions so you can rest assured your app will perform flawlessly no matter what life may throw at it. 

Get Timely Feedback

When you are in the thick of testing your app and experience bugs, glitches, or failures (which you will — no app is perfect immediately), you want to know about them as fast as possible so you can address them and continue with development. You cannot fix these issues without knowing about them, and you certainly do not want to be waiting and tapping your toe for results. 

Perfecto mobile testing comes with advanced test failure analysis and reporting, and it features all the bells and whistles you could want: dashboards, heatmaps, and detailed artifacts, including videos, screenshots, crash logs, and vitals like battery and memory. 

Explore Unparalleled Test Coverage

With all the different devices and various iterations of software, where do you even begin testing? Test coverage should be an important part of your test strategy. You want to be able to test against the majority of the popular combinations in use today. That way you can make strategic decisions based on your users, their location, device trends, and your comfort with risk. 

You will never have to wonder if you have enough test coverage for your users with Perfecto mobile testing. Everything you would ever need to test for can be found in our industry-leading cloud that offers access to more than 10,000 virtual devices to enable testers to maximize their test coverage beyond the physical. On top of that, you will enjoy the support of same-day release coverage for all the latest devices and OSs.  

Test With No Environmental Dependencies

Another common interruption to mobile app testing and the software development process in general is waiting on dependencies and bottlenecks outside of your testing team. That could be a gateway that is not yet ready or test data that is not comprehensive or is missing entirely. You will see your release timeline begin to stretch the longer you wait for things like that. 

Thanks to the uniquely complementary pairing of BlazeMeter performance testing and Perfecto mobile testing, you no longer have to rely on dependencies that are out of your control. You can overcome that missing gateway with mock services or replace missing test data with synthetic test data. 

Bottom Line

The performance of your mobile app directly impacts the users you rely on to use it — and, by extension, your bottom line. With so many mobile apps available today, it would be far too easy to be drowned out by a substandard user experience. 

Choosing Perfecto mobile testing means you never have to worry that your app will not function as it is supposed to. When it comes to deciding on a testing platform to use, you want a testing partner that will be with you every step of the way to a high-quality app. Perfecto is that partner. 

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