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Watch this interview with Robert Randall, Test Technology Innovation Manager at Virgin Media, to learn how Perfecto made their testing practices smarter and more efficient across the whole spectrum of technologies they cover. Virgin Media has been able to keep up with the explosive growth of the mobile market – and ensure a great user experience – by making mobile testing essential to their brand image and bottom line.

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Nearly two years after launching its mobile app, Tide, a leading digital business banking platform, faced major challenges related to manual testing, including delayed time-to-market, quality issues, and more. Learn how they achieved continuous testing, released apps faster, and saved more with the help of Perfecto.

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Paychex offers its nearly 600,000 clients hybrid mobile apps for anytime/anywhere Payroll and HR-services productivity. Assuring consistent, high-quality user experiences across different mobile devices is a top priority.

With Perfecto, Paychex improved productivity and efficiencies through:

  • Integration with their existing HP UFT test framework
  • Shifting device lab management to the cloud
  • Implementing device-agnostic test automation

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Jonar, an ERP software company, wanted to shorten their UI testing time to keep up with their company’s two-week sprints. Not only was their UI testing very time-consuming, but Jonar also found that the tests were not in-depth enough to provide the highest quality feedback. With Perfecto Scriptless, Jonar reduced their repetitive UI testing time by 80% and resolved 200 issues at an early stage of the software development cycle.

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A Perfecto customer had a mobile banking application which was a key element of their digital strategy. Prior to partnering with Perfecto, the software development lifecycle was strictly waterfall process. However, the customer wanted to move toward a hybrid/Agile process. This would allow them to automate build verifications and regression testing. Learn how this customer achieved an industry-leading digital strategy for their SDLC with the help of Perfecto's professional services.

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