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Reduce bugs. Improve ratings. Perfecto customers have high user-reviews.

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virgin media
Media Giant Transforms Their Mobile Experience
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E-Tailer Achieves 4.8-Star App Rating
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Renowned Bank Scales With Continuous Testing
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Insurance Company Reduces Defects With Real-Device Testing

For Unparalleled Velocity 

Test and release apps faster. Perfecto customers deliver exceptional experiences.

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anon bank
Bank Shortens Testing from 2 Weeks to 7 Hours
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Developers Accelerate Cross-Browser Testing at Scale
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Bank Reduces Testing from 3 Days to 35 Minutes by Shifting Left

Achieve Advanced Automation 

Accelerate your software. Perfecto customers take testing to the next level.

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Fintech Company Certifies Apps Within 2 Hours of Release
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singapore airlines
Major Airline Performs 1.2 Million Tests With A 93% Pass Rate
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bell mobility
Wireless Network Operator Achieves Full Testing Coverage

Adopting Automation

From manual to continuous. Perfecto customers transform their testing strategies. 

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Software Team Reduces Repetitive UI Testing by 80%
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45 Manual Testers Turn Into Automation Experts
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Developers Save 1,700 Hours With Intuitive UI

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15 years of industry expertise. Award-winning projects. A customer base including over half of the Fortune 500. Where Perfecto goes, excellence follows.

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