How I Test Push Notifications in Minutes
May 30, 2024

How I Test Push Notifications in Minutes

Mobile Application Testing

Did you know that there are millions of push notifications delivered to Apple devices every second? While this feature is typically used as a trigger or a bootstrap for users to open the application, push notifications are also a critical way to boost app engagement, increase revenue, and manage user retention.  

Therefore, it is no surprise that push notifications have become an essential part of app testing. With more and more applications competing for our attention every day, push notifications are a necessary way for applications to stay top-of-mind.   

Luckily, Perfecto supports testing push notifications seamlessly as part of its robust mobile app testing platform (much like many other advanced automation test cases, such as biometric authentication, image injection, voice recognition, and more). In this blog I will show you step by step how simple it is to test push notifications with Perfecto. 

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What is the Purpose of Push Notifications?   

Push notifications are the app notifications we get from outside of its interface. They can appear on the screen when it is locked, in the notification center, or notification bar. 

They instantly provide information about communication, reminders, events, commercials, promotions and many more. They may contain text, images, and even interactive buttons, which makes push notifications a user-friendly way to help the user interact with the app.  

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Why is Testing Push Notifications Important?  

Testing push notifications ensures that users both receive important or time-sensitive notifications and can interact with these notifications (which for many users is their first touchpoint in the app) successfully — regardless of location, network, or other factors.  

As with any other part of the software development lifecycle, testing has an essential importance. But for many, testing push notifications goes under the radar due to its complexity and setup difficulties.  

Yet by foregoing testing for this important application feature, many teams risk turning potential customers off their app before they have even started using it properly. After all, if you are already encountering problems when clicking on a push notification, you will most likely not feel incentivized to engage with the app any further. These issues can have long-term consequences, such as lower star app ratings, customer churn, and negative brand reputation.  

Luckily, testing push notifications does not have to be difficult to execute. With Perfecto, you can easily test your push notifications on your choice of devices even if they are located on the other side of the globe.  

But before we delve into how you can start testing push notifications with Perfecto, let us explore how push notifications work on iOS and Android devices. Since most companies will test on both device types, it is important to know how both iOS and Android handle their push technology (the technology that supports push notifications). 

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How Push Notifications Work for iOS and Android 

iOS and Android use slightly different approaches when it comes to managing their push technology. Here is a short and simple explanation breaking down the differences between the two:  

  1. iOS uses Apple Push Notification services (APNs) to enable the delivery of the push notifications. Typically, when properly configured the Application server uses the APNs to deliver any generated push notification.  

  1. Android uses Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) to trigger the app installed on the mobile device to push the notification. In this format, the mobile app would initiate communication to the Application server to get all the data needed for the notification.   
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How Perfecto Simplifies Testing Push Notifications 

Regardless of whether you are doing iOS or Android testing, you can test push notifications easily with Perfecto. Through a simple setup of our DevTunnel connection, you can start testing push notifications with any tool or technology of your choosing.  

With Perfecto DevTunnel, you can leverage real devices in Perfecto’s device lab as if they are connected to your computer using a USB cable. Just note that for the iOS testing specifically, you must also have iOS symbols installed on your workstation to test these devices as well. For Android, you can just click the device of your choice since DevTunnel only needs to be installed once to use it repeatedly. 

The video below gives a quick overview about how to set up DevTunnel to show how easy it is to get this connection up and running:  


After you have connected your device to your Dev environment you can execute your Push Notifications test directly on one of Perfecto’s many supported devices through the Perfecto GUI. 

Perfecto GUI
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My Top Tips to Test Notifications With Perfecto  

When testing with Perfecto, I recommend following a few simple steps to ensure good coverage and complete testing results:  

  1. Test on all the devices in your cloud – make sure you have executed your test against every device in your reach.  

  1. Make sure the content and formatting are proper for diverse types of devices and operating systems.  
  1. Monitor the performance of your device and the backend of your environment. Through our streamlined continuous testing capabilities with BlazeMeter, we offer comprehensive front-end and back-end testing all under one roof. 

Plus, you can enjoy the following benefits of Perfecto’s mobile testing capabilities when testing notifications or any other feature of your choosing:   

  • A plethora of device and OS combinations. 
  • Seamless connection to your IDE. 
  • Top-notch reporting. 
  • Award-winning support.  
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Bottom Line 

Push notifications are a powerful feature that helps users stay up to date with the latest changes, news, and information coming out of their app. Therefore, these notifications need to be meticulously tested to serve their purpose.  

While testing push notifications may initially seem challenging, having Perfecto by your side helps simplify this testing process in a reliable and consistent manner. Using our cloud platform can help you achieve your testing goals and provide the users with the high-quality experience they deserve and desire.  

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