Top 5 Reasons Customers Choose
Perfecto vs. BrowserStack

Complete Continuous Testing

Testing mobile and web applications end-to-end has never been more achievable.  

By leveraging Perforce’s Application Quality suite of solutions (Perfecto & BlazeMeter), organizations can achieve comprehensive application quality from mobile to mainframe. 

Create, execute, and analyze all testing types: API, Functional, Non-Functional, Exploratory, and Unit, across more devices and browsers – all at maximum scale. Enjoy our industry-first support for top testing use cases, such as accessibility testing, mobile UX testing, mobile test data generation, and virtual services

web and mobile testing

Advanced Automation Capabilities

No one allows you to automate more complex test cases than Perfecto. Sauce Labs supports basic automation coverage based on Selenium and Appium capabilities, while Perfecto offers extended coverage including:  

  • Multi-factor authentication 
  • Voice control  
  • Image injection 
  • Network virtualization  
  • And more… 
Image Competitive Hub Perfecto vs Sauce Features Automation

Unparalleled Support

Perfecto is not your average testing vendor. No matter the stage of your automation journey, we are committed to working with you as a full-fledged testing partner.

Perfecto adopts a comprehensive approach to cater to your business needs, ranging from consultation to practical assistance in the transformation process.  

Investing in our adoption teams helps us ensure successful implementation and faster realization of our customers’ business goals.   

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Trusted by Testers

With recognition from IDC, G2, PeerSpot, and more, it is no wonder that Perfecto is a top-trusted enterprise mobile and web testing platform in the industry.

We meet the most stringent security requirements and provide unparalleled scale with customers executing more than 1 million tests per month on average.

Image Competitive Hub Perfecto vs Sauce Security
Image Competitive Hub Perfecto vs Sauce Features Security

Test Analytics

Don’t spend minutes executing your tests, but days analyzing the results.

While BrowserStack provides basic reporting and rich test artifacts, Perfecto takes reporting and analytics to the next level with:  

  • AI-driven root-cause analysis.
  • Heatmaps.
  • CI dashboard.
  • Smart Insights.
  • Livestream.
  • Rich artifacts.

Faster and smarter feedback is possible with Perfecto. 

web test analytics with mobile app testing tool

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Perfecto vs BrowserStack Feature Comparison

Test Creation Capabilities



Open-Source Framework Support

Yes, but only beta support for Cypress, Puppeteer, and Playwright 


BDD Test Automation

Yes (on Selenium)

Yes (Quantum)

Codeless Testing


Yes, Perfecto Scriptless Mobile

Automation Coverage

Support for basic Appium capabilities; offers web IP mocking

Advanced automation capabilities include biometrics, 2FA, image injection, mobile UX testing, mobile test data generation, mobile virtual services, and more

Accessibility Testing

Beta support for manual mobile accessibility testing. No mobile accessibility scanning support​

Mobile accessibility scanning support for iOS & Android


Test Execution Capabilities



Device Support

Limited device support 

Best-in-class, same-day support for new devices & beta OS support

Environment & Security

Strong public cloud offering. No support for user management & groups or repository management

Proven Enterprise grade security & lab abilities (VPN, DevTunnel, device & user management, repository)


Test Reporting Capabilities



Smart Failure Analysis



CI Dashboard






Rich Test Artifacts



Machine Learning



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See it in Action

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