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March 11, 2016

Appium Python Tutorial: How to Get Started

Mobile Application Testing

Python is a popular programming language. And you can use Python scripts for Appium mobile test automation. This is especially popular for teams using Eclipse for Python. This blog gives you an Appium Python tutorial. 

You'll learn how to set up your Eclipse for Python environment and create test scripts. You'll also get basic templates for running test scripts using Appium.

Appium Python Tutorial

Here's a quick Appium Python tutorial. 

1. Set Up Your Eclipse for Python Development Environment

Before doing mobile app development using Python, you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Download Python 2.x from the Python Organization.
  2. Go here to see how to set up Eclipse for Python.
  3. Go here to see how to install Appium Python bindings.

2. Create Your Python Appium Project

To begin, create a new project (File >> New >> Project) and select to create a Python Appium project. (You can also use Python to create a Selenium project.)

Python Project


3. Create Python Project Files

The new project will be created with the following project files in the src folder:

  • use this file to write your test script
  • includes the utility methods to access media and report artifacts.
  • supports interconnection of selected device and script execution.
  • provides methods that support the Wind Tunnel functionality of persona and Wind Tunnel Reports.

Now that your Eclipse for Python development environment is set up, you can use a Perfecto RemoteWebDriver recording plugin or the Eclipse editor to add your code.

Now that you've got Python down, brush up on your Appium test automation skills.

Use the Python Appium Framework With Perfecto

Using Python scripts is helpful for Appium mobile test automation. Perfecto integrates with Appium. And the Perfecto Lab Eclipse Plugin supports Python. 

See for yourself how Perfecto will help you automate testing, with Appium and beyond.

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