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May 2, 2018

Appium 1.8: The 7 Features You Need to Know About in this Major Release


Appium Releases 1.8

Don’t be fooled, Appium 1.8 is a major release and it packs the new features to prove it. If you use Appium and you haven’t already upgraded, you’re going to want to.

Here’s an overview of the big changes in this Appium version.

7 New Appium Features

Some of these are self-explanatory. But a few points deserve a bit of further explanation. Here are 7 key Appium features in Appium 1.8.

  1. While Appium has added support for the WebDriver protocol, it retains backwards compatibility with the JSON wire protocol it has used until now for client-server communication. So, current users don’t need to worry about breaking things by upgrading.
  2. New app management features allow you to install, remove, and launch apps from within Appium test flows.
  3. Improved screen-related primitives = better screenshot and visual testing capabilities (full screen, full page, viewport, etc.).
  4. The new “otherApps” capability allows you to load additional apps automatically (e.g., Facebook) for functional testing.
  5. Appium has previously supported screen recording on Android- now you can do the same on iOS (simulators).
  6. Support for iOS performance data has been added to complement the existing Android functionality.
  7. Version 1.8 allows for testing of Android “Instant Apps,” which are apps which can be loaded and used without going through the full installation process.

The changelog for Appium 1.8 is much longer than the above list, but as you can see from just this short selection, there’s a lot to get excited about. Installing with node package manager is as easy as npm install -g Appium

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