Why Integrate Perfecto and Flutter?

Perfecto’s primary motivating force is to support the frameworks and technologies that our customers know and love. Perfecto’s success is your success. That’s why we’re proud to offer an enterprise-grade private cloud solution to support Flutter integration testing for native mobile applications. 

Lean on Perfecto to test iOS and Android mobile apps on real devices to  ensure high quality mobile experiences from start to finish. Test your mobile native Flutter apps with our devices as part of your CI/CD pipeline. Stay within the Flutter ecosystem you love — there is no need to uproot yourself — and continue leveraging the Dart programming language.


Benefits of Testing with Perfecto

Secure, Reliable, and Maintenance-Free 

Perfecto is secure, reliable and takes care of all the maintenance associated with cloud-infrastructure and mobile devices.  That way, Flutter users can focus more on building and testing their apps, instead of dealing with downtime, network clogging, and other issues that come with in-house architecture.

Image Mobile Cloud Benefits Global Data Centers

Scale Your Testing 

Perfecto is an industry leader in enterprise-grade cloud capabilities to allow your team to scale however your needs dictate. With parallel testing, you can deploy more tests at a faster rate to keep up with all your necessary test permutations. With test suites big or small, Perfecto suits all.

parallel testing

Find & Fix Issues Faster With Smart Reporting 

Perfecto provides AI-powered reporting capabilities to reduce noise from your overall test automation cycles. Thanks to our root cause analysis and Insights dashboard, you can quickly pinpoint issues and get actionable advice on how to solve them.

Perfecto Smart Reporting helps you:  

  • Automate classification of test failures by root cause, so you can make better, more informed decisions.
  • Get a wide range of rich test result reports, including real device vitals (memory, CPU, logs), HAR files (network files), cross platform visual comparison, videos, screenshots, and accessibility insights.
  • See the success and failure of your pipeline’s health, jobs, and branches in real time on a CI dashboard.
  • Monitor all cloud executions across projects and platforms on a live execution dashboard.
report library

Scale Your Testing 

Perfecto integrates seamlessly with your CI/CD and collaboration tools. Whatever tools you are using in-house will be fully supported, which means you can stay within the Flutter ecosystem.

scale testing

Don’t Sacrifice What You Love — Pair It With Perfecto. 

Perfecto integrates seamlessly with your CI/CD and collaboration tools. Perfecto is a fully open platform. Whatever tools you are using in-house will be fully supported. That means you can stay within the Flutter ecosystem. 

Flutter and Perfecto

How To Get Started 

Now it's time to test your Flutter iOS and Android apps with Perfecto. We’ll show you how to configure the Perfecto client environment, run the Perfecto Gradle plugin, and view the test report in Perfecto. 

To get started with Flutter Integration Testing with Perfecto, visit our documentation


Start Testing Your Flutter Apps With Perfecto