What Is Performance Testing?

Web and mobile app performance testing is a type of non functional testing. It tests the quality of an app under varying capacities. Performance testing is critical because it provides insight into aspects of an app, such as speed, stability, and scalability. Without it, users may encounter poor usability.

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Types of Performance Testing

Load Testing

Measures an app’s performance with normal and peak conditions. 

Stress Testing

Measures an app’s performance with excessive working conditions.

Endurance Testing

Measures how an app performs over an extended period of time.

Spike Testing

Measures how an app performs with sudden jumps in workload.

Volume Testing

Measures an app’s performance with large amounts of data.

Scalability Testing

Measures an app’s performance at handling increased workload.

Website Performance Testing

For website performance testing, you need to test page load time across browsers, refresh rates, varying screen sizes, and resolution across different browsers OEMs. All of these factors contribute to the performance of web apps, and can provide top-notch experiences when done right.

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Mobile App Performance Testing

Mobile app performance testing must include user conditions such as varying network conditions (poor 4G, 3g, etc.), apps running in the background, and the latency of sensors like location and camera. These factors need to be tested across devices and OS versions in order to provide the best end user experience on mobile apps.

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Performance Testing Automation With Perfecto


Real User Simulation

Apply simulation testing with varying user conditions and environments across platforms. Test the localization of web apps, including geofencing. For mobile apps, apply network virtualization, biometrics, and environmental conditions to your tests for more accurate results.

Browser Front-End Metrics

Perfecto supports many browser front-end metrics that are critical to the performance of your web apps, including page load time, speed index scores, time to first byte, performance score, and estimated input latency.

UX Timers

Embed UX timers on key business transactions to achieve advanced performance test automation. Implement assertions on KPIs to alert when they have exceeded their threshold.

Performance Testing Integrations

Fully integrate Perfecto with performance testing tools, like Neotys and LoadRunner, for web and mobile performance testing at scale across real mobile devices and desktop browsers.


For main application business flows, such as a logins, identify performance issues through checkpoints and assertions visible in the Perfecto reports. This ensures these critical functions are performing as expected.

Rich Artifacts

Get a rich set of test reports, including network HAR files, vitals per platform and transactions, KPIs metrics, assertion reports, logs, videos, and screenshots for efficient debugging and resolution of UX issues.

Simulate Realistic Mobile Traffic Patterns

Generate detailed server and end-user experience reports, to measure and understand how a mobile app is impacted under a load & real world conditions.

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