Only Perfecto offers the real-world flexibility that modern testing teams need to improve productivity, coverage, and quality at scale. Because, whether transitioning from manual testing or aiming for continuous testing, businesses need an automated solution that won’t break tests, teams, or existing technology.  


Let’s fix bugs, not broken scripts.

With Perfecto, teams spend less time rebuilding scripts. They invest time where it matters: ensuring high-quality releases. 

You do you. Perfecto does the rest.

No other testing automation tool works as well with the technology, people, and processes that enterprises already have in place.

Perfecto Meets You, Wherever You Are

Transform test automation & maintenance with the most-reliable cloud-based solution.

Mobile & Web Apps

Access all the platforms that matter to your business with Perfecto’s unmatched test coverage for both web and mobile apps. 

web and mobile testing

Technical & Non-Technical Users

Boost success across today’s technically diverse testing teams with solutions for code-based, scriptless, or BDD testing automation

testing users

Every Major Framework

Testers increase productivity by doing what they know and prefer. Perfecto offers unmatched flexibility for all major frameworks — including Appium, Selenium, XCUITest, and more. 

selenium and appium

Basic & Advanced Testing 

Automate everything you can with Perfecto’s broad reach across functional & non-functional testing, including load testing and API testing. Plus, Perfecto lets you automate testing for audio & visuals, different locations, networks, and more. 

Test creation

Test Automation Plus…

Teams need more than testing automation. That’s why Perfecto is full of features, like our high-coverage lab and intuitive reporting. Teams test what they need to test and drill down into what’s causing issues.

reporting tool

“[Perfecto] has enabled us to align delivery of a great desktop web experience while also ensuring a great mobile browser experience, with little automation code change.”

Darrell Kennedy, Director of QA

Key Features

From AI to BDD to IDE, Perfecto is built for better test automation. 

BDD Support

Drive business-driven development with Gherkin-style test authoring made possible through Perfecto’s Quantum integration. 


Perfect IDE

The native Perfecto IDE brings you closer to codeless mobile testing. 

Test Creation


Reduce maintenance by 97% with built-in AI/ML that self-heals automated test scripts. 

self healing

Advanced Scenarios

Bring automation to scenarios that usually demand manual tests, including: network virtualization, location, visual testing, authentication, audio/video, and more. 

Test Creation

Cloud-Based Testing

Testing works from anywhere on any device with Perfecto’s cloud-based platform — locked down with enterprise-grade security.

cloud automation

Perfecto Scriptless

Give business testers the tools they need to automate their own web tests with Perfecto Scriptless. No coding experience required. 


CI/CD Pipeline Support

Execute your automation scripts through any CI tool and view your results in the Perfecto CI dashboard.

Test Creation

Considering Test Automation Tools?

Consult the buyer’s guide for useful checklists, worksheets, and more. 

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Web & Mobile Testing Automation

Experience Constant Innovation

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Always Innovating

Perfecto makes test automation more comprehensive & accessible to all with tooling such as Perfecto Scriptless.
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Part of the Modern Ecosystem

Perfecto integrates across the modern DevOps toolchain and syncs with your team’s favorite apps, like Slack and more. 

Let’s Make Test Automation Work

Perfecto is where teams write better test scripts and ship more-perfect releases.

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