Solve Issues With Automated Test Scripts

Almost half of automation testing attempts fail due to scripting issues. It’s the leading cause of failed automation attempts — but it doesn’t have to be.

Perfecto has the solutions you need — whether that’s maintaining and writing test scripts, managing and validating tests, or debugging any defects.

With Perfecto, you can even automate test scripts for test scenarios, like locations, Touch ID, varying network conditions, and more. Plus, Perfecto integrates seamlessly with your testing framework of choice, so you can scale automated test scripts with ease.

Perfecto is more than just a test script tool — it’s a smarter solution for all elements of testing. With test script management, test scenario creation, test analysis, and codeless testing, Perfecto has the full support for your automated testing creation needs.

scale automated test scripts with an automation test framework

Benefits of Smart Automation With Perfecto



We pair great with the tools and frameworks you use and love.



Machine learning and AI-powered scripting and debugging.



Create tests for your mobile AND web testing needs.



Smart self-healing scripts create trusted test scenarios.



Code-based, codeless, or BDD test creation — whatever works for you.



Test scenarios your users will encounter.

Why You Need to Get Automation Right

It all starts with a well-crafted automation test script. When that doesn’t happen, test automation becomes the bottleneck. Overcome test creation issues with Perfecto. We can assist you with the following:

  • Test authoring
  • Test validations
  • Test maintenance
  • Test debugging
  • Test management

Perfecto has the mobile automation testing and test authoring tools to meet your needs where they are — whether or not that involves coding. You’ll also get help maintaining and managing your tests, so you can focus on other important tasks. And Perfecto can help you validate and debug your tests quickly.

test creation mobile automation testing

Create Tests For Mobile Apps

Perfecto makes creation easy for your mobile application testing. Work remotely with real mobile devices like they’re in the palm of your hand. Add real user conditions, like network availability and device condition, to ensure your test scenarios mirror real life.

Perfecto pairs perfectly with your most-loved testing frameworks, like AppiumEspresso, and XCUITest, so you can continue to use the tools you love. Plus, you’ll have access to automated creation tools that match your team’s skill set — whether that’s code-based test creation or behavior-driven development, BDD.

Perfecto Mobile


Create Automated Test Scripts Quickly


Pair With Frameworks, Like Appium


Test Devices Like They're in Your Hand


Access Automation Tools for All Skill Levels


Test On Real Mobile Devices Remotely


Execute Large Test Suites Quickly


Integrate With Your Favorite Frameworks


Write Code-Based or Codeless Scripts


Highly-Trusted Self-Healing Scripts


Utilize One Script for All Screen Sizes


50% Faster Browser Testing


Zero Setup Test Automation

Create Tests For Browsers

Web browsers update all the time — every 30 days on average. Keep up and create tests across platforms, operating systems, and browsers for thousands of permutations with Perfecto. You can keep using your cross-browser testing framework of choice, like Selenium, Protractor, or WebdriverIO. And you can create code-based or codeless tests through Perfecto.

Our cloud-based lab gives you the tools you need to quickly and efficiently perform web automation testing against thousands of platform permutations in one place. No matter the browser, operating system, or device, we’ve got you covered for web automation testing.

Perfecto Web

Enable Everyone With Automation Scripts

No matter the skillset for your team, Perfecto has you covered.


Writing test scripts shouldn’t just be for developers. Expand testing throughout the DevOps process and into the hands of QA professionals with Quantum, Perfecto’s BDD framework that features easy-to-use English-phrased steps.

Another option for QA professionals is Perfecto Codeless. New codeless testing technology enables everyone to partake in the testing process. With ML-powered scripting, test creation is easy even for non-coding QA professionals.


Perfecto Codeless isn’t just for the noncoding — it’s also a tool developers can utilize for quicker, simpler test creation. It lets developers get back to product development and innovation.

Developers also benefit from automated test script maintenance. Less time writing and maintaining tests means more time coding. And with AI-backed test analysis, developers can rapidly debug issues within their IDE so they can get back to coding without wasting precious time.

Create Smarter Tests with Perfecto