Why Is Automated Web Testing Important?

Providing a consistent experience across browsers, devices, and platforms is critical. Each digital experience is a reflection of your brand. And that’s why web testing needs to be an integral part of your test automation strategy.

With so many browsers, operating systems, and devices, you have limitless permutations to test. But with automated web testing, you can execute tests quickly to accelerate your DevOps processes.

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Test Automation Strategy For Beginners

If you want to achieve continuous testing, the answer is in automation. But automated testing is intimidating for beginners. How can teams overhaul their processes to infuse automation into the DevOps process and achieve continuous testing?

Use this eBook to understand how to craft a test automation strategy that will empower your DevOps processes, accelerate delivery, and reduce manual labor.

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The Essential Guide to Selenium Test Automation

This essential guide shows you Selenium testing like you've never seen. Champion the open source test automation favorite, and learn advanced automation secrets that will help you release better desktop and mobile apps faster.

End-to-End Support for Automated Web Testing With Perfecto

Perfecto provides teams with everything they need to develop, execute, and analyze web testing — all from within our cloud-based test lab.

Streamlined Test Creation

Web testing requires you to achieve a high level of automation. Utilize your testing framework of choice, like Selenium, so you can scale automated test scripts with ease. And with AI-powered codeless testing found in Perfecto Scriptless, test creation is easy for non-coders.


Test Creation

Scalable Test Execution

Orchestrate large suites and execute across platforms for high velocity and parallel test execution. Execute your tests on desktop browser VMs, which are all 100% torn down upon each execution for optimal security. With elastic and unlimited scaling, you’ll get the test cadence you need.


Test Execution

Cloud-Based Lab

Our Smart Testing Lab gives you the tools you need to quickly test your web app against thousands of platform permutations. Test web apps on desktop browser VMs and mobile devices as well. The browsers and operating systems you need to test are available in our lab — it’s always updated, always on, and always available.


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Smart Test Analysis

Automated web testing generates so much data that it’s difficult to derive insights. But you need fast feedback on your test results. With AI-driven test automation dashboards and heatmaps, you’ll get high-level visibility with timelines, trends, and even drilling down from build to issue to root cause.

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Real Success With Automated Web Testing

Learn how Elevate, a Texas-based online credit solutions company,
grew the automation of their mobile web testing with Perfecto.

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