Access Perfecto’s Powerful Mobile Device Cloud 

Utilize the power of Perfecto’s instant cloud-based lab, which allows teams to develop and execute test code on real and virtual devices and browsers.  

The Perfecto cloud is fast, secure, scalable, and self-healing. It is always on and available for your team—leave the device management to us.  

Perfecto supports thousands of devices, OS, and browser combinations across the globe. Get launch-date access to the latest and greatest versions.

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Smarter, Faster Test Execution Awaits

Optimize your web and mobile test automation by speeding up digital app release cycles and eliminating costly testing bottlenecks. With Perfecto, you will achieve continuous integration and shorten your release cycles.

Execute Faster

Test faster with high velocity with parallel testing for large test suites. 

Test Advanced Scenarios

Orchestrate advanced user-based test scenarios on real devices.

Get Started Quickly

Why wait? Start testing now with no set up requirements.

Enterprise-Grade Support

Unlimited elasticity, uncompromising security, and unsurpassed scalability.

Multi-Platform Support

Accelerate testing across web and mobile platforms using a single script.

Seamless Integrations

Use the automated testing frameworks you know and love.

Global Coverage

Complete coverage and execution at scale across geographies.


Hybrid Cloud Model

Support for Perfecto Cloud, Perfecto Enterprise, Private Cloud, or combination of the two.


Multi-Execution Support

Multiple executions under a single Cloud UI (web, mobile, manual, any framework, CI).

Test on Real Devices

Perfecto’s cloud-based lab allows teams to develop and execute test code on real devices and browsers against real-user conditions. 

Test execution is easy with Perfecto. You can even execute tests on-demand on legacy, current, and upcoming beta platforms and OSs. 

real devices

Test on Virtual Devices

Nothing beats a real device for accuracy. But adding Android emulators and iOS simulators to your testing is a fast, scalable, and cost-efficient way to extend test coverage and minimize escaped defects. 

virtual devices

Reduce Testing Time With Scalable Test Execution 

Perfecto helps you reduce test cycles from weeks to days—or hours to minutes—with scalable automation and parallel testing across all digital platforms. 

Cross-Browser Testing 

Perfecto not only offers mobile app testing but also web testing from the same cloud. Execute your cross-platform testing with Perfecto — we’ve perfected testing for mobile and web apps. 

Cross Browser Testing 

complete coverage

Real User Simulation 

Your mobile app testing should reflect the same environmental profiles as your users. With Perfecto’s real user simulation testing, you will apply conditions your users experience for smarter, more targeted digital testing.  

Real User Simulation

Remote Access & Debugging 

With Perfecto, developers can connect via DevTunnel to the exact devices—under the exact same test conditions—where real test failures are found. This saves hours and days setting up the environment to reproduce the failure and debug code. 

Remote Access & Debugging

dev tunnel

Parallel Testing 

Parallel testing is the key to faster testing and turnaround in deployments. Instead of running tests one after the other, parallel testing allows you to execute multiple tests at the same time across different platforms. Parallel testing with Perfecto allows for more testing in a tighter window, without sacrificing coverage. 

parallel testing

Elastic Scaling 

The Perfecto testing cloud allows for elastic scaling. This enables you to run large test suites in a fraction of the time by running multiple tests in parallel across several devices and browser/OS combinations. 

An example of multiple reports in Perfecto.

Perfecto + BlazeMeter 

Perfecto and BlazeMeter offer a unique cloud-based environment to create, execute, and analyze testing types such as: API, Functional, Non-Functional, Exploratory, Unit, UX and more. With test data, virtual services and intelligent reports, you can accelerate your testing faster than ever before.

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Flexible Test Execution

 Execute your tests against the Perfecto platform from wherever you choose—including CI/CD, IDEs, or test automation frameworks.

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