Perfecto Cross-Browser Testing Does the Work For You

The Perfecto cloud is fast, secure, and scalable. It’s ideal for globally-dispersed teams, or those that need the scalability only cloud-based solutions can offer. Perfecto’s testing cloud is always on, up to date, and available for your team. Simply leave the browser management to us.

Increase Browser Coverage

Access the browsers you need — both new and old — instantly.

Reduce Operational Burden

Save time and reduce operational costs by utilizing Perfecto’s VMs and real Macs.

Unlimited Testing at Scale

With unlimited elasticity, you can run a high volume of tests on an enterprise scale.

Perfecto Cross-Browser Testing Enables Speed & Quality

Perfecto helps testing and DevOps teams release quality web apps faster. It’s the tool of choice for testing web and mobile apps at scale. With Perfecto, teams can perform cross browser testing and deliver exceptional user experiences. 

Complete Browser Coverage

Perfecto supports all the browser versions you need in the cloud. Access both old and new versions of any browser for complete platform coverage. The Perfecto test cloud supports both manual and automated testing — and even advanced automation scenarios.

complete coverage

Secure Cloud Environment

Because Perfecto meets the necessary compliance regulations and holds many security certifications, including PCI, SOC II, ISO 27001, and GDPR, we’re trusted by the world’s largest, most secure enterprises. 


Testing at Enterprise Scale

We manage more than 10,000 devices and browsers in our testing cloud. Our cloud is designed to handle a large volume of daily test executions, which makes it ideal for enterprise-grade scalability. No one else offers as many platforms to test on, and we’re proud to be the world’s largest testing cloud.

enterprise grade

Integrated Test Environment

Perfecto supports more than 50 integrations with leading DevOps tools and automation frameworks to ensure that we fit into your existing DevOps toolchain. Our solution offers a REST API too, so you can integrate any tools you are currently using with the Perfecto platform — everything from test creation to CI/CD to collaboration tools.

perfecto integrations

Perfecto Cross-Browser Testing Features

Accelerated Executions

Because of the reach of our global data centers, web app testing is over 50% faster with Perfecto than other solutions.

Test Failure Analysis

Perfecto’s robust, built-in analytics solution provides detailed test reports, a CI dashboard, heatmaps, and root cause analysis.

Full CI/CD Integration

Perfecto integrates with any tool in your CI/CD pipeline so you can improve visibility, shorten the feedback loop, and accelerate delivery.


Comprehensive Debugging

Connect with cloud-based browsers to debug from your own IDE, without the need to recreate test environments.

Manual & Automated Testing

With Perfecto, you can run automation testing or interactively test more complex scenarios in the cloud.

One Lab for Web and Mobile App Testing

Perfecto doesn’t just offer cross-browser testing. Perfecto’s platform also includes mobile app testing from the same cloud. Execute your cross-platform testing with Perfecto — we’ve perfected testing for mobile AND web apps.

Platform Overview

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