Drive BDD Testing With Perfecto 

Take advantage of all the benefits of behavior-driven development (BDD) with Perfecto. Improve speed and quality at scale with a solution that lets teams quickly translate BDD requirements written in Gherkin into functional test steps for anyone to understand, automate, and troubleshoot. 

No-Code Creation

Hit the ground automating.

Less Rework

BDD enables shift left testing for less rework.

Better Quality

Democratize quality across the organization.

Why Perfecto for BDD Testing?  

Simplicity that doesn’t cut corners. 

Simple English 

Create test automation in plain English through Gherkin-style test creation. Less gets lost in translation. 

simple communication

Complex Scenarios 

Teams transform simple English into test automation that handles today’s most challenging test scenarios. Test in ways you never could. For example, test two devices at the same time. 

device testing

Single Framework 

Build a bridge between SDETs, business testers, and layperson stakeholders with Quantum, a single efficient framework for web & mobile devices (both Android & iOS).


Full Platform  

Support BDD testing with Perfecto’s robust platform. Add flexible test creation, scalable execution, and unbeatable insights and reporting.  


About Quantum Framework 

Masterminded by Perfecto experts, Quantum is an open-sourced, cross-platform test automation framework that accelerates full-blown test automation by supporting BDD. 

One-Stop Framework

Cross-platform. Selenium & Appium.


No-Code Solution

For test creation, execution, & maintenance.

Designed by Perfecto

Open-source framework designed by the industry experts.

Quantum Framework Resources

Interested in Quantum? Learn more.

Documentation    Demo    Starter Kit    Tutorial

BDD Testing Tool Features

Gherkin Scripting

Easily author automation using the popular, humanly readable Gherkin-style language of “given-when-then.” 



Start typing your test scenario and auto-complete lists open throughout the process to ease your way through scenario creation. Use Perfecto’s pre-defined steps or customize your own.  


IDE Support

Create end-to-end mobile & web test automation scripts via any leading IDE, such as Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA. Use it with Java or JavaScript in combination with Gherkin-style scenarios. All testing can be created inside a Maven project and triggered through testNG from the common IDEs. 


Reporting & Analysis

Eliminate noise and focus only on the real defects in the apps under test with screenshots, videos, logs, and root cause analysis classification. Reporting is incorporated into the test, so teams get test execution analysis without requiring support from the automation script writer. 


Security in the Cloud

Testing works from anywhere on any device with Perfecto’s cloud-based platform — locked down with enterprise-grade security. 

cloud automation

CI/CD Support

Execute your automation scripts through any CI tool and view your results in the Perfecto CI dashboard. 

Test Creation

Drive BDD Testing With Perfecto

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