Regression Testing Tools are Essential

Small changes can have big consequences. That’s why teams do regression testing. Regression testing makes sure that code changes don’t break anything. It catches bugs early on in new builds. Without the right regression testing tool, it is more difficult, time-intensive, and expensive to find defects.

Image Regression Testing Cycles

Automated Regression Testing Tools Save Time

Regression testing can be time consuming. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Automated regression testing tools save busy teams time. It also eliminates regression testing downtime by providing fast feedback.

Automated regression testing…

Speeds up lags and downtime.


Frees up testers for exploratory testing.


Catches bugs early on.

Can run at any time, 24/7.

Perfecto Features for Regression Testing

Advanced Automation Abilities

Successfully automate even your most advanced test cases for unit, functional, performance, accessibility testing, and more.


Parallel Testing

Accelerate testing time by executing at scale and in parallel across platforms.

Advanced Test Reporting

Easily find and fix bugs with root cause analysis, rich artifacts, heatmaps, and a CI dashboard. 

CI Integration

Full CI integration of your regression testing means that escaped defects can be more easily avoided.

Real & Virtual Devices

Test on a mix of real and virtual platforms — including simulators, emulators, and browser VMs, in addition to real devices.

Open & Integrated

Perfecto fully integrates with your entire toolchain, including popular frameworks like Appium, Selenium, Quantum BDD, and codeless solutions.

Regression Testing Wins With Perfecto

Perfecto has a proven and prescriptive methodology to reduce your regression testing window. See how we have helped our customers move faster with automated regression testing.

Reduced overall regression time from

40 hours to 2 hours

Reduced regression testing from

4.5 hours to 16 minutes

through web bursting.

Reduced regression cycle duration from

160 hours to 12 hours

Reduced regression cycle duration by 91% from

2 weeks to 7 hours

Reduced regression cycle by

10 days

days while increasing platform test coverage.

Trusted by Over Half the Fortune 500

Perfecto provides better app experiences across banking, insurance, telecommunications, retail, and media industries.

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