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August 23, 2017

Cross-Browser Testing Tools: Top 10 Testing Frameworks Comparison Guide

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How to Find the Browser Test Tools that Fit Your Needs

Getting the most out of your automated testing setup isn’t just about having good tools. It’s also about making sure your tools fit your needs — and your project. Everyone knows about Selenium, and it’s a great place to start.

However, even though Selenium’s WebDriver is the basis for a majority of tools on the market, there are still gaps in its coverage and functionality. You need to carefully consider which extras will help you reach your DevOps goals.

When buying shoes, you can’t simply tell the salesperson “I’m a size 10” and expect to get exactly what you need. Are you going running, playing tennis, or rock climbing? Knowing what you’re trying to accomplish goes a long way to getting you set up properly.

But then, the tools have to match the personnel too. You’ve probably seen someone running a marathon with bare feet, right? The best shoes on the shelf aren’t the right tool for a barefoot runner!

Comparing Browser Test Tools

In my latest ebook, 10 Test Automation Frameworks for Cross-Browser Testing: A Comparison Guide, I have done some of the heavy lifting and provide you with a handy cheat-sheet for the top 10 automated testing tools out there today to test across browsers. I break down the pros and cons of each tool and give you some tips for picking the best tools for your project.  

The ebook begins with an overview of the current landscape of popular tools and gives some background on how JavaScript has come to dominate the cross-browser testing space — and how this can make your life easier.

I share my methodologies for choosing tools to suit a given project and personnel, broken down into “organizational fit” and “technical fit” categories. Each of these consists of a set of best practices which you can apply to your project to help ensure a healthy DevOps code pipeline.

This is followed by a set of charts detailing the features, pros and cons of the top 10 most popular browser testing tools in the marketplace right now.


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Armed with the combination of helpful practices and data from this ebook, you’ll be able to take a look at your own automated testing setup and identify areas that need improvement, as well as which tools can be best integrated into your current tool stack and which will be best suited to your personnel.

Also, keep in mind that it’s critical to avoid complacency — just because your setup was good enough six months ago doesn’t mean that’s still the case! The tips and best practices you can learn here should be reimplemented every few months to ensure maximum test coverage, efficiency, and reliability.

Bottom Line

Don’t rest on your laurels. Download your copy of the Comparison Guide and learn how to improve your automated testing strategy.

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