Preview of STAREAST 2024
March 28, 2024

STAREAST 2024 Preview: 4 Must-See Events

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Continuous Testing

Testing web and mobile apps is all about achieving new heights — testing faster, more efficiently, and with broader coverage. One of the best ways to achieve new testing heights is by tapping into software testing conferences as a resource. It is during these events where some of the brightest minds and innovative approaches are shared and discussed communally. 

One of the biggest and most impactful of these conferences is STAREAST. Every year, dozens of experts gather to share their knowledge over valuable sessions and workshops. 

STAREAST 2024 is slated to be one of the best yet — particularly as AI has taken the industry by storm— and BlazeMeter and Perfecto (as Perforce’s suite of app quality tools) will be on the ground to ensure you are getting the most out of this powerful technology. 

Start penciling in your schedule of priorities and read on to learn four must-see events at STAREAST 2024! 

Session: Next-Gen QA - Harnessing AI for Breakthroughs in Continuous Testing 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the hottest topics in the testing industry today. Every team wants to know how best to grapple with the power of AI and how they can properly incorporate it into their testing strategy. 

This session delves into the pivotal role of AI in elevating QA practices. It will focus on how it drives unparalleled quality and speed in software delivery. Led by testing expert Surya Suravarapu, attendees will learn about sophisticated AI techniques transforming test case generation and real-time test adaptation that ensures testing strategies are not only efficient but also meticulously aligned with dynamic software developments.   

You will leave with actionable insights on integrating AI into your QA frameworks to elevate to a new benchmark in testing effectiveness and efficiency and, ultimately, accelerating the path to market with confidence. 

Below are a few highlights you can expect from the session: 

  • AI's transformative role in test case generation and how it enhances precision and reduces time-to-market by automating the identification of edge cases and variability in test scenarios.  
  • AI's capabilities in real-time test analysis and adaptation that translates to tests remaining relevant and effective against rapidly evolving software features and requirements.  
  • Discuss the integration of AI with existing QA tools and workflows for facilitating a seamless transition to more intelligent, data-driven testing strategies that maximize efficiency and minimize manual overhead. 

Perfecto & BlazeMeter Raffle Extravaganza

Of course, everyone in attendance of STAREAST 2024 is there to gain actionable testing insights to take back to their respective teams. But we have a few fun things planned for you for when you are not fueling up your brains. 

First, be sure to check inside your STAREAST conference attendee bags for a bag insert from your Perforce's app quality team to enter a raffle where we will be giving away multiple Tiles by Life360 throughout the day. One lucky person will even come away with a YETI cooler! 

Second, we know that not everyone has the time or flexibility to attend STAREAST in person. Those that will be attending virtually will have access to the BlazeMeter & Perfecto virtual booth and have a chance to win a raffle for a $100 Amazon gift card. 

The Test Is Right WithBlazeMeter & Perfecto

Because The Price Is Right is one America’s longest running and most beloved game shows, we wanted to bring a little of that magic to STAREAST 2024. 

Stop by Booth #1 to play Plinko to win some additional fun prizes!

Price Is Right's Plinko game.

In-Person Continuous Testing Demos

Perforce's suite of app quality tools — BlazeMeter and Perfecto — are unrivaled in the industry for a reason. And whether you are in-person at STAREAST 2024 or attending virtually, you will get to witness the power of our continuous testing capabilities live. 

Stick around Booth #1 to see in action. Our experts on the ground will walk you through how each platform works, what sets it apart from competitors, how integrating them together unlocks testing power, and how they can help you address any unique needs you may have. 

Bottom Line

Whether you are attending the STAREAST 2024 conference in-person or virtually, you won’t want to miss what this year’s agenda has to offer.  

From impactful sessions that include an in-depth examination of AI in testing and how teams can harness that power to prizes and free stuff — there is something for everyone!  

Be sure to register today and we’ll see you in-person in Florida or virtually soon! We can’t wait.