E-Commerce Company Automates More, Tests Faster With Perfecto

With Perfecto, an American e-commerce company that sells furniture and home goods is solving its automated testing problem by scaling its store effortlessly. 

Benefits of Perfecto


50k monthly tests. 80% pass rate.


Automation of complete purchase flow.


Green & clean CI/CD pipeline powered by Perfecto integrations.

Challenge: Shifting Testing Left 

With over 60% of all orders placed from the mobile app, maintaining a high rating and intuitive user experience is a top priority for the company.

The company needs to shift their testing left and execute as a part of the DevOps pipeline to keep up with their growing demands. 

The e-commerce team set out to adopt test automation to optimize their customer experience. The solution? Perfecto. 

Results: Scaling Quality Effortlessly 

Perfecto provides a robust solution that allows the e-commerce company to test across a wide range of devices.

With Perfecto embedded in CI/Jenkins, the company secures a dependable customer experience throughout all departments on the digital store.

The app allows customers to scroll and order furniture online right to their door, from the convenience of their phone, through the combined power of IoT-connected devices and Perfecto. 

See for yourself what this major e-commerce company saw in Perfecto’s cloud-based testing platform. Visit our demo page to explore what’s possible. 

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