A Large Automotive Company Moved from an Employee with a Suitcase of Phones to an Enterprise-level, Global, Automation Solution


A global automotive company united by a single purpose: To Earn Customers for Life.


  • No Automation - The large automotive company was conducting slow, labor-intensive manual testing with no automation.
  • Feature Backlog - Because all testing was done manually, the client was only able to release 3-4 times per year, creating an enormous feature backlog. Without the ability to release quicker, they were not able to address market demands adequately.
  • Limited Testing Staff - The client used the same teams to support NORAM, SOAM, and EMEA, so when they needed to do region-based testing, they would fly an employee with a suitcase full of devices to that region.


  • Always-On, Enterprise Grade Cloud - Perfecto provided the large automotive company with an enterprise-level, cloud hosted Mobile and Desktop Testing Platform, allowing teams to execute automated tests efficiently 24/7/365.


  • Test Automation – Perfecto provided the client with automation which allowed test cases to be executed in under 2 minutes per case. The client was able to automate 70 test cases within the first 60 days, with regression testing happening nightly (regression testing used to take 10 days).
  • Fast, Frequent Releases - Now that tests run in minutes, instead of days, the client has had 4 releases in 6 months since implementing the Perfecto solution with more features per release. the automotive client is now able to execute an entire run, including Android and iOS in under 4 hours.
  • Global Locations - Needless to say, the client is no longer sending employees around the world to do regional testing. With the cloud solution, A large automotive company can execute regional testing from anywhere in the world, remotely.