A Large Consumer Electronics Retailer Achieved 60% Reduction in Cost Within the 1st Year, Saving Approximately €150,000


This Large Consumer Electronics Retailer is a leader in European consumer electronics that bundles three independently managed retail brands.. This Consumer Electronics Retailer currently operates in 15 European countries and nets 22 billion Euros.

Perfecto gave the Large Consumer Electronics Retailer a best-in-class tool that enabled them to achieve their strategy.


  • Competition – Revenue per customer was decreasing month-over-month, that informed the Electronics Retailer that customers were researching on their website, then leaving to purchase from a competitor.
  • Market Shift – Shoppers go to physical stores less and less to shop for electronics, they want an easy-to-use online option that offers hassle-free returns/exchanges, the Electronics Retailer needed to make a digital transformation to stay relevant.
  • Bad Reviews - Since the Electronics Retailer was using emulators for testing, they were missing real-world-condition problems that would surface in the form of bad app reviews, giving them a 3.3 rating (1 full star below their closest competitor).


  • Perfecto provided a solution that tackled the 6 main capabilities the Consumer Electronics Retailer needed to verify great user experiences: Functional, Compatibility, Performance, Network, Location Based, and Security Testing, all of which seamlessly integrated in the Electronics Retailer’s existing tools. Perfecto also offered the Electronics Retailer custom pricing, so they can be match spend to actual business need.


  • Increased Quality - The Large Consumer Electronics Retailer’s average app rating has increased and is now on par with it’s nearest competitor.
  • Test automation – Perfecto built 500+ test cases for the Consumer Electronics Retailer which led to better user experiences, ultimately translating to an increase in average revenue per customer.
  • Reduced Testing Costs – The Consumer Electronics Retailer saw a 50%-60% reduction in cost within the 1st year, saving approximately €150,000.
  • Short Ramp-Up – Perfecto completed the ramp up for the Consumer Electronics Retailer in just 3 weeks.