Benefits of Using JMeter With Perfecto

Apache JMeter™ is a Java-based load testing tool, designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance. Perfecto has an end-to-end integration with JMeter to perform SUT (Single User Performance) testing, with JUnit supporting both web and mobile applications. 

The test results from these Selenium or Appium scripts are then put into a single report that covers both the server transaction time and the client transaction time. 

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How JMeter Works With Perfecto

Users can merge both Perfecto user experience and server-side scripts in a test plan. This integration offers the flexibility to choose both virtual user and Perfecto user configurations to run performance tests on multiple devices.   

With a click of a button on the toolbar, the test will load the server and execute client-side tests in Perfecto. Users can then view a summary report containing both server- and client-side transaction times. 

Perfecto JMeter integration

Get Started With Perfecto and JMeter

Configure a JMeter and a Java Perfecto environment to set up a client-side thread. Then set up a server-side thread, either by using Perfecto Network Traffic Capture or by capturing traffic directly from the web or mobile device.  

With both client-side and server-side threads, teams can get started with executing performance tests using JMeter and Perfecto. 

JMeter architecture

Configure JMeter

Watch this video to see a demo execution.

See JMeter and Perfecto in Action

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