Benefits of Using Applitools With Perfecto

Applitools is an intelligent functional and visual testing tool that uses Visual AI to capture visual differences across different platforms.  

With the Applitools API, you can execute visual tests on Perfecto devices. In addition, the pass/fail status of Applitools Eyes along with the direct result links are integrated within Perfecto Smart Reporting.

This integration saves time when executing thousands of scripts overnight, by allowing the user to focus on Perfecto Smart Reporting for overall results and navigate to the Applitools report in case of any unresolved failures. 


How Applitools Works With Perfecto

This integration allows Perfecto Smart Reporting to identify Applitools checkWindow operations as steps. 

Applitools is also able to verify the following within Perfecto tests: 

  • Missing images and alignment issues 
  • Tables 
  • Charts 
  • PDFs 
Applitools Perfecto sample test

Get Started With Perfecto and Applitools

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This sample Github project will showcase these Perfecto and Applitools features in more detail.  

Applitools Perfecto finding missing images and alignment issues

See Applitools and Perfecto in Action

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