With Katalon and Perfecto, You Can...

  • Execute on more platforms, faster with parallel testing.
  • Remove environment setup bottlenecks.
  • Reduce production bugs with more device and browser coverage.
  • Get instant test analytics with root cause analysis for web and mobile.

Advanced Test Reporting With Katalon & Perfecto

Create tests in Katalon and execute them with Perfecto. Perfecto’s analytics synch with your tests to provide insights and fast feedback. Understand why tests failed. Dive into detailed test reports and root cause analysis. And see where all your testing activity is at with Perfecto’s CI dashboard.

web test analytics

Here's How It Works

Create Your Tests in Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio provides a great IDE to generate tests for various platforms, including mobile and browser-based test scenarios. These tests can be executed on your local environment. However, this does not cover all your the scenarios and device/browser variations your application will have to handle.

This is where Perfecto’s Katalon Studio integration helps you.

Installing the Katalon Integration

Taking advantage of the Perfecto platform inside of Katalon Studio is quick and easy.

Installing the plugin from the Katalon Studio store here.

Read the full setup instructions here.

What Does the Plugin Provide?

  • The plugin automatically generates custom capabilities that allow the remote driver to connect to Perfecto cloud devices and automate web, mobile web, and mobile native/hybrid apps.
  • The plugin provides the ability to update test name, tags, result status, failure reason, reportium assertions, project names, and steps in Perfecto smart reporting.
  • The plugin provides the ability to integrate Perfecto’s smart reporting CI dashboard..
  • The plugin provides the ability to run multiple test cases, test suites, and test suite collection in parallel/ sequential.

Setup Perfecto Integration Inside Katalon Studio

Connect your Perfecto account to Katalon Studio to get started. Sign up for a free trial here.

Generate your security token inside the Perfecto UI.

Custom Profiles

Katalon Studio allows you to use custom profiles that make selecting the platform to execute against a breeze. Once your profile is set up, all tests can utilize these profiles for fast executions on the platforms and devices that matter most to you.

Web Config:

web config

Mobile Config:

mobile config

Perfecto Native Config:

perfecto native config

Execute Tests, Test Suites, & Test Suite Collections

Even if you are just starting out or already have a larger number of tests, suites, or collections, executing tests from Katalon in Perfecto is fast and allows you to focus on writing better tests that cover more user scenarios.

Execute tests in parallel or sequentially. Cover web, mobile, and mobile native/hybrid applications using Perfecto.

Execute a Single Test Case

Execute a Single Test Case

Execute a Test Suite

execute a test suite

Execute a Collection

execute a collection

Faster Feedback, Detailed Debug Information helps reduce time to resolve issues

Executing your tests inside the Perfecto platform allows your team to get instant feedback on test results. Resolving those issues faster drives innovation and accelerates your delivery pipeline.

View test executions results.

test analysis

AI-driven root cause analysis helps identify real issues faster.

ai driven root cause analysis

View step-by-step screenshots, device and browser information, log files, and more.

step by step screenshots

Push bugs into your issue tracking solution (like Jira and others).

issue tracking solution

5 Steps to Get Started

  1. Sign up for your Perfecto free trial.
  2. Download Katalon Studio.
  3. Create a web or mobile test inside Katalon Studio.
  4. Install the Perfecto plugin for Katalon Studio.
  5. Execute your test on Perfecto.

Learn more about the Katalon Studio plugin.

Check out the Katalon Studio documentation.