Benefits of Using LoadRunner With Perfecto 

LoadRunner is an automated performance testing platform for continuously testing from APIs to applications. It works by simulating traffic to determine application performance under load, and then analyzes response times. 

This integration enables teams to execute Perfecto UI tests written in LoadRunner. The test results from these Selenium or Appium scripts are then put into a single report that covers both the server transaction time and the client transaction time. 

Image Integration Microfocus LoadRunner

How LoadRunner Works With Perfecto 

Create a Perfecto script in the Virtual User Generator 

Build Perfecto test scenarios in the Virtual User Generator by opening Java Vuser and providing the correct dependencies for the script to execute seamlessly in the Perfecto UI. After writing the script you can see the test run in the Test Analysis view.  

Run a Perfecto script in LoadRunner Controller 

Import the script you created in Virtual User Generator into LoadRunner Controller. After modifying the settings as needed, you can execute and analyze the test runs in the LoadRunner Analysis Summary.   

LoadRunner New Script

Get Started With Perfecto and LoadRunner

See this integration in action with this sample LoadRunner project, which includes a sample script and .jar files for all dependencies.  

LoadRunner Add Jar Files

See LoadRunner and Perfecto in Action

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