What Is Neoload?

NeoLoad (for load and stress testing) is an automated performance testing platform for continuously testing from APIs to applications. It works by simulating traffic — up to millions of users — to determine application performance under load. It then analyzes response times.

How NeoLoad and Perfecto Work Together

The Perfecto integration with NeoLoad allows you to get end-user experience measurements from real devices while the server is loaded. You can regularly execute Perfecto scripts on a limited number of real devices in parallel to performance load testing.

View an example Quantum (BDD) test integrating with NeoLoad here.

View the detailed setup steps here.


Run Selenium/Appium Maven Scripts With NeoLoad and Perfecto

Integrate Perfecto and NeoLoad Using the Perfecto IDE

Full CI Integration

Integrate with your favorite continuous integration tools, including Bamboo and Jenkins. You can then view results in Perfecto’s test reporting and in NeoLoad.

Results in Perfecto’s Single Test Report (STR)


Results in Perfecto’s CI Dashboard


Results in NeoLoad.


NeoLoad and Perfecto in Action

Take a look at using NeoLoad and Perfecto together.

Key Benefits of Using NeoLoad and Perfecto

  • Perfecto seamlessly integrates with NeoLoad helping you to perform performance load testing and get end-user experience measurements from real devices.
  • The Perfecto scripts can be built using any framework, like Quantum, Selenium, Appium, or Perfecto IDE, to integrate with NeoLoad.
  • The load test results can be viewed in Perfecto and NeoLoad.
Image Integration Neoload

Get Started With Perfecto and NeoLoad

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