How Splunk and Perfecto Work Together

Perfecto is a leading global mobile and web platform for testing in the cloud. It is used in a wide range of business/operation units, including IT operations in charge of service availability. This team runs the most critical business flows on mobile and/or web applications. Perfecto collects and exports all the execution data to internal and external dashboards. One of the popular enterprise dashboards is Splunk, where users can collect and view live data on custom views.

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Easily Integrate Splunk

Perfecto can be easily integrated into Splunk dashboard by using its standard HTTP event collector.  At the end of script execution, Perfecto sends the JSON file with all needed data, like:

  • Availability
  • Transaction time

Splunk Data Collection

Splunk collects and presents data from multiple devices that run on the Perfecto cloud 


Splunk Live Data

Splunk presents the live data of the automated script executed on Perfecto cloud, mobile devices, and/or web desktops.

The Splunk Alerting mechanism will notify users in case a Perfecto execution fails.


Watch Splunk and Perfecto in Action

Key Benefits of Using Splunk and Perfecto

  • Run standard Appium/Selenium scripts on the Perfecto cloud and send its status to Splunk.
  • Existing Splunk users can collect live data of its service availability and performance, executed on mobile devices and/or web desktops in the cloud.
  • The Splunk and Perfecto integration provides its users detailed reports with screenshots and video of the entire execution. 
  • Splunk notifies users at real time if Perfecto's tests fail.
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