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At Perfecto, our mission is to help you optimize your digital user experience across the DevOps pipeline. In order to make sure we keep innovating and delivering products that make you smile, we push out new features more often now.

We thought you would be interested to know that we are working these days on a new HTML based UI. Like any of our agile projects, the main values of new UI plan are:

  • User Experience & interactions – every button and pixel are designed to maximize efficiency and fit to the optimal continuous testing experience.
  • Continuous delivery and constant improvement – Modular release plan of components, all with an open ear in order to respond to changes or requirements quickly and easily.
  • Customer collaboration – working with you as design partners and launching multiple Early Access programs in order to gradually expose new features as they are shipped.
Scouter Library
cross platform

DigitalZoom Cross-Platform Report is now GA

The ultimate tool to measure Digital Coverage! Use visual validation to make sure that the code of your app/service is rendering properly across all platforms (Functional and UI aspects).

One script – one lab – and now also view of all you responsive/parallel execution tests in one report

Introducing Our New UI Components

Digital Platform Selector

Mobile Device Selector

Select mobile devices based on quick filters (recent, iOS/Android) in tile/list view.

Click on device for details and copy device capabilities for automation scripts in different coding flavors.

Scouter Mobile
Web Selector

Digital Platform Selector

Desktop Web Platform Configurator

Configure the selection of your Desktop Browser of choice for testing (OS platform/version, Browser type/version, Screen Res., Location).

Execution Manager

List view of all active executions in your CQL. Mark specific executions for detailed view or stop run (admin only).

Test Execution Livestream
Live Stream Devices

Execution Manager – Live Stream

View up to 10 LIVE videos of test executions over the digital platforms in your CQL.

Interactive Mode

Use different Digital Platforms (Desktop Web and Mobile Devices) interactively for manual reproduction of issues and testing.

Device Lab iPad Air 2