New study from Perfecto Mobile finds more enterprises turning to Apple iOS

Perfecto Mobile released the first MobileCloud(TM) Device Statistics Report.

BOSTON—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Perfecto Mobile, provider of the MobileCloud™ Platform and integrated mobile application quality suite, today released the first MobileCloud™ Device Statistics Report, which found that customers testing applications dedicated more testing hours to iOS apps vs. Android apps. This report uncovers which devices enterprises are using for application testing, by analyzing 90,000 testing hours from October – December 2013 using 1,400 mobile devices for 1,200 customers across North America and Europe.

“As leaders in the mobile quality space, we work with customers who are building a mobile strategy as well as customers who are growing a strategy to scale. Regardless of where our customers are on the mobile strategy spectrum, they all ask the same question: ‘What is the right device mix for testing?’” said Yoram Mizrachi, Founder and CTO, Perfecto Mobile. “In an effort to answer this, we’ve uncovered a trend – though Android represents more than half of the U.S. device market share and some 80 percent of the global market, enterprises are still spending more testing hours with iOS devices. This is a significant point we address with our customers; while testing on the latest devices is an important consideration when developing a device strategy, we encourage our customers to take other factors into account. End-user analytics are necessary considerations when devising such a strategy, as certain verticals offer varying use cases and find the customer base to hold a different representation than the mobile market. In addition, it is important to include legacy devices in a device mix, such as the Galaxy S II, which remains popular though unavailable on the market.”

In addition to measuring the time spent on the different operating systems, Perfecto Mobile’s device statistics report explored device test selection by manufacturer, preferred operating systems by vertical and tablet vs. smartphone penetration across market segments. Key findings indicate:

  • Advertising far outweighs any other segment in its preference to test on Android operating systems. Retail and airline companies prefer Android the least, with approximately 75 percent of testing hours dedicated to iOS.
  • Apple was the preferred device manufacturer to test applications, with 49 percent of hours tested. Samsung came in second with 29 percent of hours tested, HTC at 8 percent and Motorola at 6 percent.
  • Media and entertainment rule the tablet market with 40 percent of their testing hours dedicated to tablets vs. smartphones. Next was retail, with approximately 30 percent dedicated to tablets. Airlines spent the least amount of time testing on tablets, with less than 5 percent of time dedicated to such devices.

To learn more about enterprise mobile testing trends, implications to your strategy, and what is influencing these trends, download the MobileCloud™ Device Statistics report here. For more details on Perfecto Mobile, visit or follow us on Twitter at @perfectomobile.

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