Perfecto Mobile Enables Mobile Carriers to Remotely Test and Monitor Apps and Services in the Cloud

Perfecto Mobile announced enhanced solutions for end-to-end mobile quality management for mobile network operators.

This solution meets the specific quality needs of mobile carriers to enable comprehensive device, application and services testing on real devices with real network conditions from anywhere in the world. Perfecto Mobile works with T-Mobile USA, a division of Deutsche Telekom AG (OTCQX: DTEGY), to test and monitor services and application functions both automatically and manually in a cloud-based environment containing multiple cellular devices.

“With the rapid expansion of the mobile market, it is becoming increasingly important that we constantly innovate during our quality assurance process,” said Grant Castle, VP Engineering Services, T-Mobile USA. “We realize our customers depend on us to deliver the best quality services.  The innovation and automation Perfecto Mobile’s testing solutions bring to T-Mobile labs are a perfect complement to the modernization of its testing efforts.”

Perfecto Mobile’s end-to-end quality management solution enables mobile carriers, like T-Mobile, to perform testing remotely through a cloud-based platform, giving testers and developers easy access to real cellular devices that connect to both public and private cloud configurations. Perfecto Mobile’s interactive services allow users to test mobile applications, websites or services on a variety of real mobile devices via the web as if they were in-hand.

T-Mobile also benefits from Perfecto Mobile’s unique ScriptOnce automation technology, allowing users to run single scripts on multiple devices.  This solution generates improved quality testing, shorter time to market and overall cost reduction.

“Perfecto Mobile specializes in cloud-based mobile application testing automation, and with T-Mobile’s large and growing customer base, this is important in helping them maintain a competitive advantage,” said Eran Yaniv, CEO, Perfecto Mobile. “In such an omnipresent and dynamic market as mobile applications, testing across a variety of devices is necessary. Our solutions allow providers such as T-Mobile to streamline development, testing and monitoring processes to ensure optimal performance and compatibility.”

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