Perfecto Mobile’s Expanded Microsoft Azure Marketplace Offer Adds Testing for Mobile DevOps

Free Testing on Real Cloud-based devices Available for Small Teams

Microsoft Build 2016, San Francisco – Perfecto Mobile, the market leader in empowering enterprises to deliver high-quality digital experiences, today announced an expanded offering in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace that allows DevOps teams to test web, hybrid and native apps in an exclusive cloud-based test lab. Perfecto is also offering this extended version of its Continuous Quality LabTM for free to DevOps teams who are part of the Azure Marketplace.

The use of Perfecto’s Continuous Quality Lab, including the new Wind Tunnel™ capability that optimizes testing for end-user conditions, will allow teams to run tests across real devices operating under real user conditions, to mimic the actual end user experience. This ability has become a crucial part of the development process as global brands strive to perfect the digital experiences they deliver.

“We are pleased to be able to bring these new capabilities to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace in order for more delivery teams to produce what today’s end users are demanding: high-quality digital experiences that consistently perform and are delivered to the market with high velocity,” said Roi Carmel, SVP of Products and Corporate Strategy at Perfecto. “We look forward to build upon the foundation of our relationship with Microsoft in order to together help developers optimize the quality of digital experiences.”

“VSTS provides a set of extensibility points for partners to plug in tools and services that help developers build high-quality applications more quickly,” said Mitra Azizirad, General Manager, Cloud Application Development & Data, Microsoft Corp. “we’re excited that Perfecto has expanded their solution offering in the Azure marketplace to help the Azure development community advance their agile transformation.” This extended version of the Continuous Quality Lab offers DevOps teams the following benefits:

  • Increased quality and velocity: Ability to run functional and performance tests anytime, from anywhere, resulting in improved time to market
  • Enterprise-grade Service: Devices managed in highly secure global data centers located worldwide.
  • Fully integrated with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Team System

To learn more about this collaboration, watch Exploratory Testing on Real Mobile Devices Inside Visual Studio Team Services or contact us for a personalized demo.

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