Perfecto’s Ninth Edition of Factors Provides Definitive Reference Guide for Web and Mobile Cross Platform Testing

2018 edition provides DevOps teams a proven methodology to build the right test lab and select the right set of platforms for each stage of development to achieve continuous testing

BOSTON, March 1, 2018 — Perfecto, the leading continuous testing and monitoring platform for optimizing DevOps pipelines, today announced the release of the ninth edition of its FACTORS reference guide, which has expanded its focus from mobile to include both mobile and web platforms. Combining Perfecto’s internal data with current market analysis from 16 countries, FACTORS provides decision makers with a prescriptive methodology to accelerate velocity by defining what's required for cross-platform app testing.  

FACTORS is the definitive reference guide for DevOps teams to determining which platforms to test on. Its prescriptive methodology offers guidance in two areas: first, selecting the right platforms to test on and then second, how to apply an execution strategy during testing with the right set of platforms at each stage in the development cycle. This enables them to deliver consistent user experience and assure quality while accelerating velocity.  

Enterprises are quickly becoming software companies and digital apps are the leading engagement point. Delivering a consistent user experience across all digital channels is now mission critical. However, organizations are struggling to keep pace with the constant change of mobile and web technologies. The fast adoption of responsive website design eased delivering a consistent experience across mobile devices and desktop browsers. Today, the emerging Progressive Web Application (PWA) will introduce better performance and app like capabilities to websites but introduce new challenges for validating quality. To deliver flawless user experiences, teams need a proven cross-platform testing strategy.  

“Customers have an ever-expanding set of platform options to engage with their favorite brands. Too frequently, we see enterprise development teams struggle to balance achieving velocity and quality in this fast-changing market,” said Roi Carmel, Chief Marketing and Corporate Strategy Officer at Perfecto. “This newest edition of FACTORS helps global brands deliver innovation faster by executing their Continuous Testing process with the right coverage in each phase of the DevOps pipeline. This is key to moving faster while maximizing cross-platform / browser test coverage.”  

In addition to Web Test Coverage Index and the Mobile Test Coverage Index, which is segmented by region, the ninth edition offers:

  • New methodology for planning what platforms to test on in each phase of the DevOps pipeline
  • Expanded Regional Coverage – This edition of FACTORS introduces a new region – the Nordics (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden) – which will be covered on an ongoing basis in future issues. Data specific to this region indicates that Android accounts for about 55 percent of the region, with Samsung and Huawei being the top vendors.
  • 2018 Mobile Market and Web Calendars – As organizations wrap up their first quarter, it is important to plan for the rest of the year. This edition of FACTORS helps teams prepare for the future by outlining what device models, OS versions and browser/OS combinations are expected in 2018. Teams should prepare now for the over 50 platform / OS updates expected in 2018.
  • Market Insights – In a shrinking connected world, global brands must account for the growing market of Huawei. Huawei’s market share is as high as 30 percent in some markets and is the #2 manufacturer of Android devices.

For more information and to download the latest version of FACTORS, click this link.  

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