Virtual and Real Devices

Virtual Devices Unlock Expanded Test Coverage

To ensure a high-quality app, broad test coverage is crucial. Considering all the varied combinations of devices and software versions between Android and Apple, using real devices can get very expensive very quickly.

With virtual devices, teams can expand their test coverage, and thereby increase testing velocity, while keeping costs down. Furthermore, employing a testing strategy that combines both real and virtual devices teams can create a risk-based testing strategy to mitigate the risk of escaped defects.

Download this eBook for insights on:

  • The differences between iOS and Android virtual devices.
  • A practical comparison between the two, including functionality support and environment conditions.
  • Recommendations for implementing virtual devices into a test strategy.
  • How to get started with frameworks like Appium.
  • And more!

Inject flexibility and velocity into your testing with virtual devices. Your apps and customers will thank you!