peerspot 2023

Mobile testing has grown in importance as many — if not most — enterprises either create their own mobile apps or integrate with one. However, the rapid evolution and diversification of mobile devices and related software make it challenging to ensure reliable, secure mobile functionality. Mobile testing is a vital component of any testing strategy; teams need a way to test thoroughly and quickly on a wide range of devices.

Perfecto’s mobile testing platform enables QA professionals to achieve these objectives. According to Perfecto users on PeerSpot, the platform offers broad test coverage, the ability to test on real and simulated devices, advanced automation and cost savings. It also provides the much-needed ability to test earlier, “shifting left” in order to identify and remediate issues in mobile apps before they go into production.

Learn how Perfecto helped:

  • A healthcare company ensure their applications work on a variety of devices.
  • An insurance company had cross-browser compatibility for a cross-section of mobile and web devices.
  • A financial services firm set up manual and automated mobile testing to cover a broad spectrum of needs.
  • A comms service provider get to market at the speed they desired.
  • And more!

Hear from your peers to see why they chose Perfecto as their preferred mobile testing solution. Get the free paper today! 

“When we switched to Perfecto, they helped us implement [needed] testing functionalities and supported our entire end-to-end testing...[Perfecto Cloud] means we don’t need to babysit the devices anymore.” 

- Automation Architect, Tech Consulting Company