Cloud testing has never been easier with Perfecto. We’ve rolled out new features and new public cloud packages that make testing in the cloud more accessible than ever before.

Come and see how others are leveraging the platform to scale automation, unite global and remote teams, and release faster. If you’re no longer in the office due to COVID-19, our platform is tailored to help you get through it successfully.

Join this webinar, led by Perfecto’s Director Global Engineering, Nico Kruger, to see the top five use cases for Perfecto’s public cloud, and learn how to successfully automate testing, no matter where you’re currently at.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Learn how testing clouds can extend test coverage, accelerate testing, and unite global teams.
  • Learn how other teams are addressing app testing challenges to help accelerate their release cycles.
  • Get a guided tour of the Perfecto public cloud and watch a live demo.

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Nico Kruger

Nico Krüger

Director Global Engineering, Perfecto
Perforce Software

Nico is the Director Global Engineering for Perfecto. He specializes in technical guidance and product development efficiency for global organizations. An expert in software development, he is dedicated to helping customers drive quality product strategy.