Mobile testing continues to grow in importance across the enterprise. Most companies are running mobile apps or at least integrating with them. You and your team need to understand an effective strategy for testing these applications.

Automated testing is a great way to level up your testing. Using tools like Scriptless testing enables every member of your team to contribute to testing.

Parallel testing means you can execute more tests more frequently. In order to create and maintain a high-quality app, you must be very intentional about allocating your testing resources.

For many teams, common testing issues can center around team member testing ability, the scale of testing, and testing efficiency. View this web seminar to learn how to better mitigate these issues and ensure quality applications with existing resources.

You will hear from Lana Truong and John Boebinger, experts in application testing, about how you can achieve testing excellence by:

● Empowering every testing team member to create and execute tests
● Saving the two most valuable things—time and money—by ramping up efficiency
● Rapidly increase testing across your organization at the scale you desire
● And more!

No matter what service your application is providing, it needs to function seamlessly, and for many industries like finance, banking, and healthcare it is mission critical! Learn how to optimize your testing to make that happen.


After watching the webinar, be sure to check out Test Smarter, Not Harder: A Guide to Efficient Testing. This eBook explores key methods testing teams can adopt to ditch inefficiencies and streamline their testing strategy. 

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Lana Truong

Lana Truong

Application Testing Evangelist, Perforce

Lana is a dynamic and accomplished Application Testing Evangelist with a passion for technology and a drive for excellence. She embarked on her professional journey as a Sales Engineer, specializing in mobile device management, where she honed her technical skills and developed a deep understanding of the ever-evolving landscape of mobile technologies. Now at Perforce, she found the perfect platform to showcase her application testing passion. With a wealth of knowledge and a relentless pursuit of perfection, Lana immersed herself in all things Perfecto, an innovative mobile application testing platform. Her commitment to excellence, combined with her technical acumen and marketing expertise, ensures that Perfecto remains a trailblazer in the field of mobile application testing. 

joe boebinger

John Boebinger

Manager Client Solutions, Perforce Continuous Testing

John Boebinger has been involved in software development for more than 40 years. His career began at Digital Equipment Corp as a Software Development Manager responsible for the delivery of products such as VAX VTX and TeamLinks. In 1998, he joined CA Technologies, which was acquired by Broadcom in 2018. Currently, he is a consultant for Perforce Continuous Testing, focusing on such technologies as performance testing, functional testing of mobile, web, and APIs, service virtualization, and test data.