The days of outgrowing your automated testing solutions are behind you. With the launch of Perfecto Scriptless Mobile, teams can automate the most complex native mobile use cases through simplified, rapid test creation with as many test combinations as you need to boost your testing efficacy.  

Empower your team regardless of code familiarity to supercharge productivity and watch your application quality soar.

In this webinar, see firsthand how Perfecto Scriptless Mobile enables teams with:

  • Simple, Fast Test Creation — Intuitive interface with a drag-and-drop functionality for ease-of-use.
  • Automating the Complex — Flip the switch and go when it comes to testing advanced use cases including biometric authentication, network virtualization, cloud SMS and email, image injection and many more.  
  • Move Faster from Manual to Automated — Designed for all skill levels in mind, making it easy for non-technical and business users to get started.
  • Extensive Testing Functions — Support for conditional logic, grouping, assertions, checkpoints, loops and more.
  • Record & Replay — Create robust tests while recording and capturing GUI actions using Object Spy.
  • Boost Productivity — Simply create a test once and deploy across a multitude of devices. Streamline sharing and collaborating with your team.
  • Confidence in Quality & Consistency — The most advanced analytics and test results in a single dashboard. Leverage comprehensive coverage, broad device support, and automatic support for new frameworks and platforms as soon as they’re released. 

Experience the power of Perfecto Scriptless Mobile. Try it free today!

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Marta Benach

Marta Benach

Client Services Consultant, Perforce

Marta Benach is a Client Services Consultant for Perforce, specializing in Continuous Testing, DevOps and Automation. She has over 19 years of experience in helping teams develop and deliver software more efficiently.

Koustubh Warty

Koustubh Warty

Product Manager, Perforce

Koustubh Warty has extensive experience working with customers from different verticals over the past 22 years. Prior to taking up the Product Management role, he led the SWAT/Customer Advocate team for CA Service Virtualization closely collaborating with customers. With his hands-on approach, he loves talking to customers on technical aspects of the product as well as at a strategic level.