In today’s testing landscape, every team is in the pursuit of shift-left testing to enable more efficient and streamlined testing efforts.

There are several ways in which a team can shift their testing left, and one of the biggest tactics is the employ the use of virtual devices. While real devices are unmatched in terms of accuracy, virtual devices like emulators and simulators go a long way in boosting test coverage while minimizing escaped defects.

Watch this webinar, Perfecto testing expert Matthew Caldwell will walk you through the benefits of incorporating virtual devices into your testing strategy by demonstrating:

  • Unlocking shift-left testing through early testing.
  • Improved test coverage through a wide variety of emulators and simulators.
  • Accelerated testing through a mix of real and virtual devices.
  • And more!

Watch today to learn the right mix of iOS simulators, Android emulators, and real devices to meet your mobile test automation goals.

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Matthew Caldwell

Matthew Caldwell

Senior Solutions Engineer, Perfecto by Perforce

Matthew Caldwell is a highly experienced software Solutions Engineer specializing in Mobile and Web testing architecture, infrastructure, deployments, and continuous testing and delivery. Matthew has worked with a wide range of clients, from small startups to large enterprises, helping them to optimize their software development processes and achieve faster and more reliable releases. He has a strong background in testing automation and has implemented testing frameworks and infrastructure for numerous clients, ensuring that their software releases are thoroughly tested and of the highest quality.