The digital galaxy has never been more complex for testing teams. Smarter apps, new devices, and evolving web technology makes it harder to automate test scenarios in software sprints. On top of that, enterprises face organizational constraints, including security and globally distributed teams.

With so many challenges to overcome, what would Yoda do? Is there a new hope?

Join us as we turn to his wisdom to overcome these challenges with the help of the cloud.

Watch this webinar, led by Perfecto’s Chief Evangelist and Author, Eran Kinsbruner, alongside Johnny Lam, Lead Global Sales Engineer, to understand the real value of test automation in the cloud — as explained by Yoda.

This webinar will take cloud testing from the dark side into the light by debunking the following myths:

  • My security department will never approve a cloud lab.
  • We can never test in a QA environment with a cloud vendor.
  • It’s too much effort to migrate my existing framework to use cloud mobile devices/browsers.
  • Cloud testing is expensive — I don't need it until I scale.
  • Advanced use cases can only be done locally.


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Eran Kinsbruner

Eran Kinsbruner

Chief Evangelist and Product Manager, Perfecto

Eran Kinsbruner is Chief Evangelist and Product Manager at Perfecto by Perforce. He is also the author of the 2016 Amazon bestseller, “The Digital Quality Handbook,” “Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals,” which was named one of the Best New Software Testing Books by BookAuthority, and “Accelerating Software Quality: AI and ML in the Age of DevOps.”

He is a development and testing professional with over 20 years of experience at companies such as Sun Microsystems, Neustar, Texas Instruments, General Electric, and more. He holds various industry certifications such as ISTQB, CMMI, and others. Eran is a patent holding inventor (test exclusion automated mechanism for mobile J2ME testing). He is active in the community and can be found all over social media (Facebook, Twitter @ek121268, LinkedIn), and on his professional blog:

Johnny Lam

Johnny Lam

Lead Global Sales Engineer, Perfecto

Johnny Lam is a Lead Global Sales Engineer at Perfecto by Perforce. He has over 10 years in development and testing and is passionate about helping customers achieve digital transformation. With his expertise in implementing and advising on test strategies for Fortune 500 enterprises and leading tech companies, he helps them establish QA strategies to accelerate feedback and improve quality.