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October 20, 2023

The Future of Testing Innovation With Perfecto


If you are involved in the world of application testing, you are probably aware by now that AI and ML are taking the testing world by storm. As the power of AI and ML continue to grow every day, testing teams must address how they will factor these tools into their testing strategy in order to remain efficient and relevant. 

But what other trends, tools, and products will define the future of testing? 

At Perfecto, in partnership with BlazeMeter, we are continually pushing testing innovation to remain in step with developments in technology to ensure a seamless testing experience for customers that stays ahead of market trends. With the new generative AI testing tool, Test Data Pro from BlazeMeter, testing teams can ensure that they remain competitive on the market with AI-driven test data. Perfecto Scriptless Mobile and new developments in accessibility testing will also play prominent roles in the future of testing.

In this blog we will explore the future of testing innovation with Perfecto, from Test Data Pro and Perfecto Scriptless Mobile to accessibility testing and other testing advancements that will transform the application testing scene. 

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What Is the Future of Testing?

The future of testing will involve AI-driven test data, machine learning, scriptless coding, and the adoption of AI and ML-based tools to streamline and automate testing. Adopting these tools and processes into your testing pipeline now will set your team up for future success.


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Embracing the Future of Testing: AI and ML

With the seismic shift in application testing happening right now thanks to AI and ML, Perfecto and Perforce as a whole have created an AI Innovation Council. The council’s purpose is to oversee the processes of implementing AI and ML, while determining new ways to incorporate AI and ML across our business units. Across the board, from finance, legal, marketing, sales, and beyond, we are re-evaluating what can be automated—something that even a few years ago would have been impossible. 

AI will impact almost every aspect of our lives, and the application testing world is no different. With AI and ML, Perfecto is now able to run thousands of tests at rapid speed and pinpoint exactly where in the code problems lie. Furthermore, we can now maintain tests that have already been created (script maintenance) and even determine how successful apps will be when released into production. 

To learn more about our AI and ML testing innovation, listen to Stephen Feloney, Vice President of Product Management at Perforce, and Chief Technology Officer Rod Cope as they discuss how Perfecto is preparing for the future of testing with AI and ML:

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Test Data Pro: The Future of Testing Tools 

Generative AI has helped level the playing field by transforming tools that were once proprietary and would take months or even years to build and making them accessible to all testing teams. With the release of Test Data Pro from BlazeMeter, testing teams can transform their testing through optimized AI-driven test data generation and expanded test coverage. 

The main testing innovations and benefits offered through Test Data Pro include:

  • Generate and manage synthetic test data.
  • Generate test data for GUI functional and performance tests.
  • Generate test data for mocks and virtual services.
  • Generate synthetic test data for mobile application testing.
  • Maintain consistent data across all tests.
  • Build test data on-the-fly.
  • Generate test data for many use cases.

Here is an overview of the components that make up Test Data Pro:

AI-Driven Data Profiler

Rapidly identify hardcoded data and automatically generate additional data from predefined tests.

AI-Driven Test Data Creator

Streamline test data generation by converting text to test data functions through generative AI.

AI-Assisted Test Data Function Generator

Eliminate manual coding by instantly generating test data functions with natural language.

Chaos Testing

Enhance system resilience with AI-driven test data to challenge systems and identify system vulnerabilities.


Gone are the days of testing with manually generated or real production test data and all the risks associated with it. With Test Data Pro, testing teams can significantly increase accuracy, bolster the resilience of their apps, accelerate testing, and elevate their application quality—all through one simple tool. 


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Automate the Complex With Perfecto Scriptless Mobile

Perfecto Scriptless Mobile enables teams to streamline test creation for even the most complex native mobile use cases. From biometric authentication, image injection and two-factor authentication, to network virtualization and more, Perfecto Scriptless Mobile significantly speeds up test creation, paving the way for the future of testing.

As testing becomes more automated, testing teams will want to adopt codeless testing tools like Perfecto Scriptless Mobile to increase speed and efficiency, and remain competitive on the market. Perfecto Scriptless Mobile requires minimal ramp-up time and effort and simplifies the testing process so that even non-technical team members can execute tests. 

Benefits of embracing scriptless testing tools like Perfecto Scriptless Mobile include:

Start Automating Fast

Fast ramp-up time compared to other tools. No framework setup. No setup of testing infrastructure.

Save on Resources

No technical scripting skills needed. No knowledge of coding or domain expertise. Reduction in investment of skilled resources. 

Focus on Business Goals

Eliminate dependency on coding for specific tools or frameworks. Free up time to focus on business goals and their application. 


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Perfecto teamed up with Step Ahead Tech for a STEM workshop that taught children of refugees how to run an automated test using Perfecto Scriptless Mobile. They were able to learn how to automate tests in only one day, providing that the tool is intuitive and easy for anyone to learn. 


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Accessibility Testing: The Latest In Testing Innovation

Accessibility testing, the process of ensuring that your applications are usable to as many people as possible—including individuals with visual, hearing, physical, or cognitive impairments—is something that should be prioritized going forward. In light of an estimated 15% of the world’s population with a disability, it stands to reason that accessibility testing should be incorporated into the app testing pipeline. 

Accessibility testing is continually evolving, and new technological developments, such as VoiceOver and TalkBack, are making it easier than ever to incorporate accessibility testing into your testing strategy. 

Perfecto is the only testing platform that offers accessibility testing for Android TalkBack, in addition to iOS VoiceOver testing.  

Some of the benefits of accessibility testing include:

  • Expand Customer Reach – Increased accessibility leads to more end users able to access apps.  
  • Ensure Compliance with Regulations – Avoid unnecessary fines or potential lawsuits by ensuring compliance with regulations on day one. 
  • Improve Scalability & Speed – Eliminate dependency on having physical devices in hand. Increase automation. 
  • Ensure Quality & Consistency – Meeting accessibility standards leads to enhanced quality and consistency across applications. 


Accessibility testing ensures that everyone can use your app while simultaneously helping your team comply with laws, thus reducing risk. Adopting accessibility testing now will ensure that your applications are ready for the future of testing.


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Bottom Line

Ensure your applications are ready to meet the demands of the future with Perfecto. From generative AI tools like Test Data Pro to codeless scripting with Perfecto Scriptless Mobile, accessibility testing, and more, Perfecto has got you covered. 

There is a reason why Perfecto is an industry leader in mobile application testing. By embracing mobile testing innovation with an eye on the future of testing, Perfecto enables teams to create, test, and release high-quality apps with ease. Perfecto is continually innovating to remain in step with developments in technology and new releases to ensure a seamless testing experience for customers while staying ahead of market trends. 

To experience Perfecto for yourself, try a free 14-day trial today. 


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