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September 12, 2023

Perfecto Has You Ready for the iOS 17 Release

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Are you ready for iOS 17? Apple announced the latest version of iOS on September 12, 2023, with an official launch date of September 18, 2023. With each new version of iOS, nearly 90% of iPhone users adopt the latest version immediately upon release. Due to the high adoption rate among users, it is especially important that apps are ready to handle the new features that come with the iOS 17 release. In fact, 48% of users are less likely to use an app again if they are unsatisfied with its performance, and 88% of Americans form a negative opinion of a brand if it has a poorly performing app. 

Luckily, Perfecto has an extensive track record of providing day-one support for new releases, going back to the release of the first iPhone in 2007. As the most trusted application testing partner in the industry, Perfecto enables customers to prepare their applications in advance of new releases, keeping them free from bugs or glitches and saving resources and reputation—and the iOS 17 release is no exception. 

What Is iOS 17? 

iOS 17 is the newest Apple iOS release for iPhone and is the successor to iOS 16. The iOS 17 release was originally introduced in beta form as iOS 17 beta and it introduces a host of new features and capabilities for iOS users and app developers alike.  

Perfecto’s Same-Day Support for the iOS 17 Release  

Perfecto has consistently been ahead of the curve when it comes to new releases and is committed to same-day support for customers. Since most iPhone users adopt their iOS version as soon as it becomes available, apps need to be ready on day one of the iOS 17 release. Developers and testing teams will need to test their applications against a variety of new and upgraded features that come with the iOS 17 release. Among these new features are gesture-based reactions, machine learning capabilities, augmented reality effects, enhanced camera features, and new accessibility requirements. 

With a fully equipped virtual device lab, hosting emulators and simulators as well as real virtual devices, Perfecto enables customers to test on the newest devices and operating systems, including iOS 17. Prior to the latest iOS 17 release, Perfecto led the market with same-day support for iOS 17 beta testing. iOS 17 beta, an early version of iOS 17, allows users to test their apps in advance of the iOS 17 release.  

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New Features Available With the iOS 17 Release

The iOS 17 release encompasses a host of new features and upgrades that app testers and developers will need to test their apps against. Some of these features include: 

  • Personalize your phone calls and customize what people see when you call. 
  • FaceTime on Apple TV with Continuity Camera. 
  • Improved Autocorrect. 
  • Live voicemail transcriptions. 
  • Mood tracking and journaling. 
  • All iMessage apps in one place. 
  • Check-in notifications. 
  • Message search filters and swipe-to-reply feature. 
  • Record video messages on FaceTime. 
  • StandBy: a new full-screen experience.  
  • All of your stickers in one place. 
  • Live activities in full screen. 
  • Siri results at a glance, and other upgrades. 
  • Swap numbers with NameDrop. 
  • And much more. 

Prepare Your Apps for the iOS 17 Release

With the iOS 17 release, app developers and testing teams should take note of the new features mentioned above, especially the full screen StandBy mode, which allows users to view an app’s status while the phone is charging, and the new interactive widgets. Dev teams should also be aware that the iPhone 8 series, including 8 Plus and 8X, will no longer be updatable as part of iOS 17.  

In addition, the new iPhone 15 series is expected to be released around the same time as the iOS 17 release.  

To prepare your apps for the iOS 17 release, it is important to consider the common challenges associated with a release. These include inadequate test coverage, overreliance on manual testing vs. automation, not catching bugs and glitches in production, and more. Enterprise organizations in particular must be release ready, as they provide essential services to their customers. Banks and other large financial institutions, healthcare providers, telecom companies, and retailers must ensure that their apps are functioning seamlessly on day one. 

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As the power of AI and ML continue to grow every day, testing teams must ensure they are staying up to date with how these technologies impact the market, as well as their testing setup as a whole. Watch this webinar on the future of testing as part of your continuous testing strategy: 

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Bottom Line

The iOS 17 release provides customers with an array of exciting new features and capabilities, but with every new release, app developers and testing teams must deliver an exceptional experience for their customers on day one.   

Perfecto is the continuous testing solution that allows you to scale the complexity of a wide range of tests, in parallel with multiple devices, browsers, and OSs—including new releases like iOS 17—in one unified DevOps pipeline, while reducing the time and resources needed to achieve winning results.  

Perfecto provides a cloud platform that helps you successfully automate and scale up your testing strategy while maintaining up-to-date test coverage from beta to release day and beyond.  

Ensure your apps are ready for the iOS 17 release by signing up for a free 14-day trial of Perfecto today.