iOS 17 beta
July 6, 2023

Perfecto Leads the Market With Support for iOS 17 Beta

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Each year in September, Apple releases its latest version of iOS. With each new iOS version, the adoption rate among iPhone users reaches nearly 90 percent. Currently, Apple claims more than half of the market share in the United States. With mobile apps being the primary point of contact between businesses and their users, it is safe to say that ensuring that your app is functioning at peak performance on day one of a new iOS release is imperative. 

Perfecto has consistently been ahead of the curve when it comes to new releases, offering same-day support for our customers. As the most trusted application testing partner in the industry, Perfecto is proud to offer early iOS 17 beta testing, along with our unparalleled level of support from beta testing through release day and beyond. 

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What Is iOS 17 Beta?

iOS 17 beta is an early version of Apple iOS 17 which allows users to test their apps in advance of the release of iOS 17. Perfecto offers support for iOS 17 beta testing on both real devices and simulators. 

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What to Expect With iOS 17 Beta

As one of the first to market, Perfecto has added support for iOS 17 beta on both real devices and simulators. With the upcoming release of iOS 17 this fall, app developers and testing teams should take note of the full screen StandBy mode, which allows users to view an app’s status while the phone is charging, and the new interactive widgets. Dev teams should also be aware that the iPhone 8 series, including 8 Plus and 8X, will no longer be updatable as part of iOS 17. 

Since most Apple customers update their iOS version as soon as it becomes available, apps need to be ready on day one. Thus, developers and testing teams will need to incorporate new widgets, app shortcuts, accessibility requirements, machine learning, gesture-based reactions, augmented reality affects, enhanced camera features, faster processing chips, faster WiFi capabilities, and more when conducting their beta testing. 

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Overview of iOS 17 and Android 14

In addition to the upcoming iOS 17 release, the anticipated Android 14release is also expected later this year. Let us take a look at some of the new features to expect in both releases.

iOS 17 

We have already touched on some of the new features to expect from iOS 17, but here is a quick overview of some additional highlights to expect.

  • Personalize your phone calls and customize what people see when you call.

  • Live voicemail transcriptions.

  • All iMessage apps in one place.

  • Check-in notifications.

  • Message search filters and swipe-to-reply feature.

  • Record video messages on FaceTime.

  • StandBy: a new full-screen experience.

  • And much more.

Android 14

While there is no official release date yet for Android 14, here are some of the features we can expect:

  • Improved battery life.

  • Larger fonts and smarter scaling.

  • Notification flashes.

  • Enhanced security features.

  • Regional preferences.

  • Predictive Back Gestures.

  • App Cloning.

  • And more.

Perfecto now offers a fully supported Android 14 beta

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iOS 17 Beta: What Does It Mean to Be "Release Ready?"

Now that we have covered the iOS and Android releases, we will touch on the importance of preparing your app for release day. Some of the common challenges to being release ready include the application quality itself not being up to par, failures in production, risk associated with the release, slow release cycles, inadequate test coverage, and an over-reliance on manual testing vs. automation 

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Being release ready is especially important to enterprise organizations. Enterprises, including banks and large financial institutions, healthcare providers, telecommunications companies, and retailers all provide essential services to their users and require a seamless experience free from bugs, glitches, or slow load times. 

To ensure they are release ready, app teams need to prepare their applications for market and therefore must be able to test as soon as they can via beta testing.

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Bottom Line

As new OSs, browser versions, and devices are continually released, it is crucial that your apps are ready to deploy on day one to ensure a seamless user experience. To do so, you need a continuous testing solution that allows you to scale the complexity of a wide range of tests, in parallel with multiple devices, browsers, and OSs in one unified DevOps pipeline, while reducing the time and resources needed to achieve winning results. 

Perfecto provides a cloud platform that helps you successfully automate and scale up your testing strategy while maintaining up-to-date test coverage from beta to post-release. Ensure your apps are up to the task throughout the release cycle by signing up for a free 14-day trial of Perfecto today. 

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