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March 21, 2024

6 Advantages of Mobile Scriptless Test Automation

Mobile Application Testing

In today’s ever-evolving digital world, mobile applications have become an integral part of our daily lives. Testing these applications has, in turn, become a crucial step in ensuring their quality and consistency. 

Traditional test automation methods often involve writing complex scripts and code that requires a certain level of expertise —in addition to requiring extra time and money. 

Luckily, mobile scriptless test automation allows testing teams to streamline the application testing process while saving valuable time and resources, among numerous other advantages. 

In this blog, we will explore the top advantages of mobile scriptless test automation and why scriptless testing is the way of the future.


What Is Scriptless Test Automation?

Scriptless test automation is a method of using tools to automate code for testing rather than writing test scripts manually. Scriptless testing enables teams to create and run tests faster, more efficiently, and without the need for extensive expertise in code writing. 


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Advantages of Mobile Scriptless Test Automation

Scriptless test automation simplifies the testing process significantly, allowing anyone on the team to create a test. With scriptless testing, steps that were once manual and required human effort and expertise are translated into automated code, making mobile application testing highly accessible. 

When it comes to mobile applications, scriptless test automation also offers many benefits. The following are some of the main advantages to adopting scriptless testing into your regular mobile application development pipeline:  

1. Increased Efficiency

One of the key advantages of mobile scriptless test automation is that it empowers teams to focus on the bigger picture, rather than spending time unnecessarily bogged down in the details of writing scripts. Scriptless testing allows teams to create test cases that include multiple configurations and scenarios without worrying about the coding aspect of testing. This is not only a better use of time for team members, but by utilizing mobile scriptless test automation, application quality is improved. 

2. Faster Time-to-Market

Another advantage of mobile scriptless test automation is that it significantly speeds up test creation, allowing applications to reach their audience faster. In today’s market, releasing applications faster can mean the difference between a successful app and an unsuccessful one. Because scriptless testing is intuitive, testing teams can quickly create and execute tests, accelerating the overall software development process. Furthermore, mobile scriptless test automation enables repetitive tasks to be automated, which saves additional time. 

3. Multiple Device Support

Scriptless testing tools, such as Perfecto Scriptless Mobile, are continuing to evolve based on the needs of customers. One of these latest developments is the ability to test on multiple devices simultaneously. Devices will appear in a row on a single interface, and you can select up to six devices at a time for even faster scriptless testing in parallel. Once your test runs are complete, a test report will provide a detailed rundown of each test organized by device number. 

4. Enhanced Collaboration

Because mobile scriptless test automation can be used by anyone on the team, it enhances collaboration between different departments, including testers, developers, and more. Even non-technical team members can create and execute tests and can therefore contribute to the vision. After a test is executed, testers can easily share results among other team members, leading to collaborative discussions. 

5. Greater Accessibility

The beaty of scriptless test automation is not just for experts; even non-technical team members can utilize it. This leads to greater accessibility in the testing process, opening testing up to more team members. Not only does this encourage collaboration, but it also allows for greater diversity of thinking in the testing process—which can only enhance application quality. 

6. Increased Test Coverage

Mobile scriptless test automation enables organizations to achieve greater test coverage by enabling teams to focus their efforts on comprehensive test cases rather than on writing scripts. The ease of scriptless testing, and with multiple device support in one intuitive interface, testers can create tests that include multiple data sets and configurations as well as various user scenarios and test cases. 

Be sure to see the Perfecto Test Coverage Guide for an in-depth rundown of the most widely used devices and more. 


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Getting Started With Scriptless Testing

Perfecto Scriptless Mobile enables teams to streamline test creation for even the most complex native mobile use cases. From biometric authentication, image injection and two-factor authentication, to network virtualization and more, Perfecto Scriptless Mobile significantly speeds up test creation, enabling even non-technical team members to execute tests.

Getting started with scriptless testing is fast, intuitive, and requires no setup or technical training. Simply start testing as soon as you sign up.

Watch the webinar below for an in-depth breakdown of the benefits of Perfecto Scriptless Mobile, along with a demo showing how easy it is to get started:


Some of the key advantages of Perfecto Scriptless Mobile include:

  • Simple, Fast Test Creation

The intuitive interface with drag-and-drop functionality allows for ease-of-use. Teams can easily execute tests across browsers, devices, and OSs. 

  • Automate the Complex

Flip the switch and go when it comes to testing advanced use cases, including  biometric authentication, network virtualization, cloud SMS and email, image injection, and more.

  • Scale Quickly & Effectively

Enhance collaboration across teams and easily scale test creation while expanding your current testing team—no technical scripting skills needed!

  • Shift Testing Left

Test earlier in the SDLC to proactively identify and fix bugs faster.


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Bottom Line

Perfecto Scriptless Mobile is part of the powerful platform you experience when you sign up for Perfecto. Complete with a cloud-based digital smart lab, comprehensive reporting and analytics, and seamless integration, it is no wonder why Perfecto is the most trusted testing platform in the industry.

With your free 14-day trial of Perfecto, you will:

  • Automate even the most complex use cases, including biometric authentication, network virtualization, and more.
  • Gain access to robust reporting and analytics.
  • Experience intuitive drag-and-drop test creation.
  • Easily scale your testing efforts as your portfolio grows.
  • Increase testing productivity and collaborate across teams.
  • Easily test real-world scenarios.
  • And more!


Experience the power of Perfecto by signing up for a free 14-day trial today.

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