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September 6, 2023

Automated Mobile Testing With Perfecto Scriptless Mobile

Scriptless Testing
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Traditionally, making the transition from manual mobile testing to automated mobile testing has not always been easy — until now. Perfecto Scriptless Mobile allows teams to streamline test creation for even the most complex native mobile use cases  with minimal ramp-up time and effort. In addition, Perfecto Scriptless Mobile helps eliminate dependency on coding and frees up time to focus on business goals and their application.

While the benefits of automated testing for devices are clear to see — increased efficiency, cost savings, and accelerated test creation to name a few — the notion of automated mobile testing can leave some feeling apprehensive: 

  • How much time is it going to take to set up?  
  • How much money is this going to cost?  
  • Do we even have the proper skills to implement?

Perfecto’s Scriptless Mobile answers those questions with a resounding: 

  • Not as much time as you think. 
  • Think more about the money you save in the long run. 
  • Our scriptless solution means no coding skills are necessary. 

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Complex Use Cases, Simplified

With Perfecto Scriptless Mobile, automated mobile testing has been made simpler than ever. Even for non-technical or business testers and teams new to automation, users can easily make the move from manual to automated testing without any setup required for the lab or framework. 

Automated testing lets users create and execute tests faster and more efficiently than manual testing. Speed is especially crucial for those needing to beat their competitors to market. Productivity will soar because once the script is written, it can be used numerous times across a variety of OSs and devices. AI capabilities auto-correct flaky tests on the fly so you don’t interrupt your testing momentum. 

Need to make changes to your test? No problem. Scriptless Mobile’s ML-powered engine identifies patterns across your tests and adapts the models accordingly, drastically reducing your maintenance efforts. 

Perfecto Scriptless Mobile is framework agnostic, supporting you and your favorite frameworks including Flutter, React Native, and native mobile applications.  

Furthermore, Perfecto Scriptless Mobile allows you to create tests for even the most complex native mobile uses cases, including:

  • Biometric Authentication
  • Image Injection
  • Network Virtualization
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Quality Visibility
  • Mobile UX Measurements
  • Test Coverage
  • Accessibility

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A Testing Lab for All Devices 

Start the journey of automated mobile testing by leveraging the secure, stable, and comprehensive Perfecto cloud-based testing lab to create and execute tests on a wide variety of real and virtual mobile devices. Scale your testing efforts and drastically save time by running your mobile tests in parallel across multiple devices. 

Continuously improve the quality of your mobile applications by leveraging Perfecto’s powerful reporting and analytics dashboards. Perfecto’s prescriptive root cause analysis and ML-powered noise filtering helps you pinpoint issues in your application, so you can fix them sooner in the testing lifecycle. 

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Transform Your Testing With Perfecto Scriptless Mobile 

Perfecto is a single, flexible platform to help you conduct web and mobile testing. The cohesive structure supports the current and future needs of any business as they scale and mature their testing. 

For those already familiar with the Perfecto platform, Scriptless Mobile is part of the powerful interface that you’ve come to know and love, unified with the same robust lab and smart analytics that you depend on. 

Still debating on whether to make the jump to automated mobile testing? Give Scriptless Mobile for Teams a try and request a free trial today.  

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