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May 2, 2023

Why Superior Apps Come From Perfecto Mobile App Testing

Mobile Application Testing

The quickest way to lose a customer in today’s digital age is to provide them with a subpar user experience. No matter the industry, if your primary connection with your customer base is through a mobile app, anything but a seamless experience will leave them feeling frustrated. So how can you be sure your app is serving your customers exactly as it was designed to? 

The inclusion of mobile app testing in your software development lifecycle (SDLC) is paramount. Proper mobile app testing puts the development you worked so hard on through the ringer so you can be sure your app can take whatever is thrown at it. Some mobile app testing platforms offer a few important testing features, but only one solution provides everything you need in a one-stop shop — Perfecto mobile app testing. 

In this blog, we will discuss what exactly mobile app testing is, the challenges teams may encounter while mobile app testing, and why Perfecto mobile app testing should be your go-to solution. 

What is Mobile App Testing? 

Mobile app testing is the process of analyzing mobile apps for usability, functionality, visual appeal, and consistency across a variety of devices and software versions. 

Simulation and emulation testing can also be a part of a mobile app testing strategy. Simulators and emulators replicate environmental conditions for iOS and Android devices, respectively. These replications can include network coverage, degraded network conditions, and conflicting apps. 

Mobile app testing becomes more important every year because of the increasingly fragmented nature of the mobile space. There is a constant influx of new devices, generations of devices, and versions of operating systems. That means thousands of test combinations.  

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As the power of AI and ML continue to grow every day, testing teams must ensure they are staying up to date with how these technologies impact the market, as well as their testing setup as a whole. Watch this webinar on the future of testing as part of your continuous testing strategy: 

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Common Challenges of Mobile App Testing

If mobile app testing were easy, everyone would have a 5-star app. The reality is that developing a high-quality app requires a lot of effort and intention behind your testing strategy.  

Automating your mobile app testing requires yet another level of dedication and intention. There are a multitude of aspects that can cause hiccups along the way, including:  

  • Complex test creation.

  • Flaky automation.

  • Expensive DIY labs.

  • Difficult to scale.

  • High rates of manual testing.

  • Noisy false negatives.

  • Slow feedback loops.

All of these things can conspire against your testing strategy. With Perfecto mobile app testing, teams will encounter literally none of these barriers. 

Why Perfecto Mobile App Testing Should Be Your Go-To Solution

When it comes to selecting a mobile app testing platform, there are many on the market that can offer several important features. Yet too often teams end up having to create a patchwork testing strategy to cover all their bases to have a complete, comprehensive testing strategy. This can result in information gaps and delays in productivity. 

With Perfecto mobile app testing, teams can leverage a seamless, one-stop shop for all their testing needs. No other mobile app testing platform can match the capabilities that empower high-quality apps like Perfecto mobile app testing. Take a look at the tools at your disposal. 

Mobile Device Cloud

Perfecto mobile app testing with the Perfecto real device cloud is an ideal pairing for globally dispersed organizations with testing teams in multiple regions. It allows teams to scale as they need with the freedom of a secure and self-healing solution. 

Emulators & Simulators

For iOS and Android devices and software, emulators and simulators are key. Perfecto mobile app testing can run emulators and simulators in a fraction of the time it takes our competitors. 

Cross-Browser Testing

Cross-browser testing is a key component to the superiority of Perfecto mobile app testing. Ensuring your app functions as it should no matter the type or version of browser goes a long way in creating a great UX. 

Test Failure Analysis & Reporting

Testing is only as good as test analysis. With Perfecto mobile app testing, you can see all your results in one view. Separate false negatives from real negatives with ML-powered detection. Root cause analysis lets you get to the core of what went wrong so you can address the issue faster. 

Test Authoring & Maintenance

Perfecto mobile app testing means you can create better tests with better coverage. Work with your favorite framework thanks to the flexibility of integrating with a wide range of frameworks. With Perfecto Scriptless Mobile, testing is quick and accessible for all skillsets. 

Accelerated Test Execution

Mobile test automation has never been easier to optimize, which will rapidly speed up release cycles and eliminate pesky testing bottlenecks. Perfecto mobile app testing helps you achieve shortened release cycles and continuous integration. 

Real User Simulation

Go beyond the functional testing of features under generic conditions. Give your mobile app testing the intense, real-world user-condition testing it deserves with Perfecto’s real user simulation features. Perfecto mobile app testing puts your app through simulation testing against varying user conditions and environments across the right devices and platforms. 

Remote Access & Debugging

Leverage DevTunnel and Perfecto’s secured VPN for the most secure connection to any device in the cloud. Securely access real remote devices as if they were connected via USB with DevTunnel. Gain access to real device network logs, shell commands, HAR files, and more to repurpose defects. 

Bottom Line

The last thing you want for your mobile app is for it to fail in some form once in the hands of the user. Mobile app testing goes a long way in ensuring your app functions the way you designed it to. Yet not all mobile app testing platforms are created equal. While some platforms offer some of the important features that will help improve your app quality, there is no other mobile app testing platform on the market that offers all the features needed for powering a 5-star app. 

Get the most out of your app with Perfecto mobile app testing.