Test Conditions Your Users Experience

Your app may work in ideal conditions. But today’s users also need it to work in ALL conditions. Before it ends up on a user’s screen, an app should be tested against varying user conditions and environments.

Go beyond the functional testing of features under generic conditions. Give your mobile app testing the intense, real-world user-condition testing they deserve with Perfecto’s Real User Simulation.

Test mobile apps under the same environmental profiles as your users. These include:

  • Location
  • Preferred devices
  • Network coverage
  • Other apps running in the background
  • Degraded network conditions
  • Conflicting apps
  • Call and text interruptions

With Perfecto Real User Simulation, you’ll test conditions your users experience for vastly smarter, more targeted digital testing.

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Why You Need to Test User Conditions

The mobile landscape is highly fragmented and complex. It holds unexpected environmental conditions and interruptions that can impact application quality and performance.

Consider the varying quality of network conditions. LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi, and device and OS-specific issues all need to be tested, as do conditions such as multiple apps running in the background and location changes.

You need to test all user conditions prior to a release. This allows you to prevent as many escaped defects as possible and all the extra work they add on.

Organizations find it hard to triage failures following an execution with or without continuous integration (CI). Planning, management, and optimization of test cycles based on proper insights is a significant challenge for DevOps teams.

With Real User Simulation testing, teams can test for all conditions users will experience and eliminate the cascade of extra work that accompanies escaped defects.

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Real User Simulation With Perfecto


Simulate Conditions

Test location, network coverage, conflicting apps, and more.


Efficient Analysis

Assess user conditions early for fewer defects later.


Use Existing Scripts

No need to change your build process or toolchain.


Test For Your Userbase

Customize your simulation testing to specific personas.


Get Real-Time Analysis

Generate thorough and interactive reports of test functions.

Test Every Digital Experience

Expand testing to end-user conditions such as location, preferred apps, network availability (WiFi to Cellular), device conditions, and peak usage.

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Develop Inside Your Favorite IDE – Integrate with Selenium and Appium

Perfecto Real User Simulation is part of our smart testing platform. It works inside the mobile app development and testing environment you already rely on. Learn more about Perfecto’s integrations.

Use Point of Interest (POI) Testing to Find Blind Spots

POI tests will help you pinpoint specific performance and functionality issues such as an online purchase taking too long or Facebook eating away at CPU.

Real User Simulation will provide detailed dashboard views and reporting so that you can identify and fix the issues before you release them.

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Test User Conditions for Custom Personas

With Perfecto you can test across unique personas like Georgia, a corporate road warrior living in Manhattan. Her network is constantly connected but frequently changes from Wi-Fi to Cellular. With Real User Simulation, you can test conditions relevant to specific personas for highly pinpointed and targeted testing.

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Generate Interactive Reports to Enable Real-time Analysis

Utilize interactive timeline reports to analyze:

  • POI results
  • Timer reports
  • Event stats such as device orientation and apps open or closed
  • Network performance and speed
  • Location
  • Checkpoints
  • Failed actions

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